Evaluation of Smart Pill Capsule for Assessment of Gastric Emptying Time, and Small Bowel, Colonic, and Whole Gut Transit Times in Dogs
ACVIM 2008
Christopher Mole; Frédéric Gaschen; Lorrie Gaschen
School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA, USA

The SmartPill pH.p capsule is equipped with pH, pressure, and temperature sensors, and transmits information to a receiver placed on the patient's back. Gastric emptying time (GET), intestinal transit time including small (SBTT) and large bowel transit times (LBTT), as well as total transit time are calculated from these data. The goal of this study was to evaluate the performance of the SmartPill pH.p capsule for assessment of changes in canine GI motility.

Six healthy dogs were used. After a baseline was determined, modification of the transit times was attempted with administration of prokinetics (metoclopramide and cisapride), acepromazine, and change to a high fat and a canned diet. Additionally, GET was assessed using ultrasound in parallel to SmartPill pH.p. Results were analyzed using the Wilcoxon matched pairs test for difference in medians or linear regression as appropriate.

Baseline times are shown as median and range: GET 476 min. (400-875), SBTT 203 min. (171-374), and LBTT 1882 min. (1396-2558). SmartPill pH.p was able to detect significant prolongation of GET following administration of acepromazine (702 min., 620-925) (p<0.02), consumption of a high fat diet (900 min., 440-1130) (p<0.05) and consumption of a canned diet (795 min., 615-1049) (p<0.05). SBTT was significantly shortened in dogs receiving cisapride (138 min., 83-263) (p<0.05). Finally, GET as measured with SmartPill correlated (r=0.70) with t50% as measured with ultrasound.

SmartPill pH.p is able to detect changes in gastric and intestinal transit times due to various medications, and the method correlates with ultrasound evaluation of GET in dogs.

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Christopher Mole

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