NatramuneTM (PDS-2865®), an Immuno-stimulator Supplement in Cetaceans
IAAAM 2008
Maya Magdalena Rodriguez1; Johanna C. Mejia1; Myra T. Blanchard2; Jeffrey Stott2; Norma Pestano3; Pedro P. Perez3
1Miami Seaquarium, Miami, FL, USA; 2Laboratory for Marine Mammal Immunology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, CA, USA; 3Innovation Laboratories, Inc., Mount Sinai, NY, USA


A second or co-pilot study was done with NatramuneTM (PDS-2865®), a natural supplement, to see if the findings supported the hypothesis that NatramuneTM benefits certain parts of the immune system activity. In human pilot studies, NatramuneTM has shown encouraging findings in improving lymphocyte activation and interleukin activity.Leukocyte phenotype data focused on the cell surface densities of two B cell differentiation antigens, CD 19 and CD 21. Peripheral blood leukocytes were analyzed for expression of immunological mediators. Six cetaceans were used in the study. This group was younger, but was specifically picked to explore some of clinical areas of interest such as age, sex, and historical clinical presentation (oral lesions, recurrent infection or inflammation). Two baselines were done as was suggested in the first study. This study further supported that NatramuneTM showed activity on the immune system by eight weeks.

The co-pilot study supports several important factors observed and/or questioned in the first study. Baselines also indicate that CD 19 activity may be lower in Tursiops truncatus with papilloma/squamous cell carcinoma lesions. The dosage used was 5-15 mg/kg BID. A one-year follow-up with the animals in the initial pilot study emphasized encouraging findings in their clinical management. The next step is to apply this research model to a larger group of animals to test the hypothesis. Thus far eleven cetaceans, one geriatric pinniped, and one avian have been placed on the product and we hope to pursue further research with any of these or other animal models. We would highly welcome other interested participants.

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Maya Magdalena Rodriguez

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