A Vibrio Infection in Brown Sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus): Biochemical Characterization of Two Unique Vibrio Species
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E. B. May1; R. T. Jones1; D. J. Grimes2; J. Stemmler2; F. Hetrick2; R. R. Colwel2
1Department of Pathology, University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD; 2Department of Microbiology, University of Maryland at College Park, College Park, MD

Two previously unreported Vibrio species have been isolated from three Brown Sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus) which had recently arrived at the National Aquarium at Baltimore.  Clinical and necropsy results will be discussed in a separate presentation.  Though biochemically, these two species resembled other Vibrio species, particularly V. damsella and V. alginolyticus. Their % G + C values were significantly different.

This paper will present methods of isolation of initial cultures, transport, and isolation of pure cultures as well as biochemical data on each of the isolated species.  It is the collective opinion of all involved that these organisms are significant pathogens of Elasmobranchs.

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Eric B. May
University of Maryland
Baltimore, MD