The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Health Program
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Cindy P. Driscoll; Susan Knowles; Brenda Kibler; Brett Coakley; Tricia Litwiler; Larry Pieper
Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Oxford, MD


A Fish Health Program was established at the Cooperative Oxford Laboratory in the late 1980's to address fish health concerns in Maryland. In response to the increasing incidence of wildlife disease outbreaks, a wildlife component was added to the existing program in 1999, creating the Maryland Fish and Wildlife Health Program. To determine critical research interests, biologists throughout the state were contacted to identify important health issues for the various wildlife species in Maryland. The current program consists of four elements involving: emergency response, monitoring, research, and outreach. The first two years of the program incorporated extensive activity in all four areas. Biologists have responded to morbidity and mortality events such as fish kills (e.g., Pfiesteria piscicida), marine mammal and sea turtle strandings, and Epizo0tic Hemorrhagic Disease outbreaks. Routine monitoring was conducted for the West Nile Virus, Avian Vacuolar Myelinopathy and baseline health of striped bass, black bear and white tailed deer. Research included an investigation into the cause of striped bass ulcerative skin lesions and shell lesions in an aquatic turtle population. Future research efforts will include an assessment of the sea turtle population in Maryland. Data were disseminated through outreach materials and presentations to the scientific community and the general public. The Fish and Wildlife Health Program was represented on interagency and university health task forces. Services of the Fish and Wildlife Health Program are in constant demand and the aforementioned investigations are ongoing. The challenge of the next few years will be in focusing projects to address essential state issues concerning the natural resources of Maryland.

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Cindy P. Driscoll, DVM
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Cooperative Oxford Laboratory
Oxford, MD, USA

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