Renal Excretion of Phosphate in Healthy Dogs and Nephropathic Under Dopamine Infusion
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2007
Alexandre Martini de Brum, DMV, MS; Marcy Lancia Pereira, DMV, MS; Daniel Orlato, DMV, MS; Tatiana Champion, DMV; André Luis Selmi, DMV, MS, PhD; Marileda Bonafim Carvalho, DMV, MS, PhD

The dopamine has a wide spectrum of action, such on the cardiovascular system as urinary system. With the intention to test the hypothesis that the dopamine is efficient to increase the fractioned excretion of phosphorus in nephropathic dogs, this study was conducted. Five healthy dogs and four dogs nephropathic, predominantly with tubule-interstitial illness, they were submitted to the infusion of solution control (NaCl 0.9%) and solution of dopamine in two different rates of infusion (1μg/kg/min and 3μg/kg/min) during approximately 100 minutes, being evaluated before, during, and 30 minutes after the infusion. The healthy dogs presented a significant increase (p<0,05) in the fractioned excretion and renal excretion of phosphate during the infusion of 3μg/kg/min, however, the seric concentration remained without alterations during the treatment The nephropathic dogs presented a significant increase (p<0,05) in the fractioned excretion and renal excretion of phosphate, such in the dose of 1μg/kg/min as 3μg/kg/min. Moreover, after the infusion of 1μg/kg/min, the seric concentration of phosphate presented a significant reduction. The filtered load of phosphate presented a discrete increase in the two groups, during the infusion in both doses, however it did not reach significance. Such in the healthy dogs as nephropathic ones, after the ending the dopamine infusions, the values of fractioned excretion and renal excretion of phosphate had returned next to the basal values. The results are indicatives that the dopamine in the doses of 1μg/kg/min and 3μg/kg/min can be included in the intensive therapy of nephropathic dogs to improve the phosphate homeostasis.

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André L. Selmi, DVM, MS, PhD
Universidade Anhembi Morumbi
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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