Efficacy of a Novel Formulation of Metaflumizone Plus Amitraz (ProMerisTM) for the Treatment of Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange in Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2007
Leon J. Fourie1; Dawie J. Kok1; Douglas Rugg3; Arrie du Plessis2
1ClinVet International, Universitas 9321, South Africa; 2Fort Dodge Animal Health, Midrand, South Africa; 3Fort Dodge Animal Health, Princeton, NJ, USA


Amitraz is commonly used as a dip for the treatment of mange in dogs.


We report on its first use as a spot-on formulation, combined with metaflumizone, against demodectic and sarcoptic mange.


Sixteen dogs infested with Demodex sp. and sixteen infested with Sarcoptes scabiei were allocated to groups of eight. Upon study inclusion mite numbers were estimated from skin scrapings and clinical signs of mange evaluated and described individually. All dogs were treated topically at 20 mg kg-1 of both metaflumizone and amitraz; groups differed only in the interval of treatment, namely 28 or 14 days. Sarcoptes-infested dogs were treated on either two of four occasions, whereas Demodex-infested dogs were treated on four or six occasions. Following treatment mites were counted and clinical signs evaluated at regular intervals. Efficacy was evaluated in terms of a reduction in mite numbers and clinical signs of mange.


 Treatment of Demodex-infested dogs at 28-day or 14-day intervals resulted in a reduction in mite numbers of 94% and 99%, respectively and an improvement in clinical signs.

 In the Sarcoptes-infested dogs treatment at 28-day or 14-day intervals resulted in a rapid reduction in mite numbers and improved clinical signs. Cure rates were 75% and 83% for the 28-day and 14-day treatment regimens, respectively.


The results of these studies indicate that ProMerisTM for dogs is an easy to use, safe and efficacious acaricide that can potentially be administered in conjunction with other supportive therapies to treat demodectic and sarcoptic mange.

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Alan Dawson
Fort Dodge
NSW, Australia

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