An Evaluation of Dirlotapide (Slentrol®) in Obese and Overweight, Client-owned Dogs in Two Placebo-controlled Clinical Studies in Europe
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2007
J. Gossellin1; J. McKelvie1; J. Sherington1; J.A. Wren2; J.S. Eagleson3; T.G. Rowan1; S.J. Sunderland1
1Veterinary Medicine Research and Development, Pfizer Ltd., Sandwich, Kent, UK; 2Veterinary Medicine Research and Development, Pfizer Inc., Kalamazoo, MI, USA; 3Veterinary Medicine Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Limited, Navi Mumbai, India


Dirlotapide is a novel microsomal triglyceride transfer protein inhibitor developed to treat obesity in dogs.


To evaluate the efficacy and clinical safety of dirlotapide for weight reduction in overweight, adult dogs presenting at veterinary clinics in two masked, multi-centre studies (A and B) with parallel designs.


Overweight dogs (245 of various breeds) were randomised to treatment with dirlotapide or placebo in a 2:1 ratio. Dirlotapide was administered orally once daily at an initial dose of 0.05 mg/kg/day and doubled after 14 days. Dogs were examined, weighed, body condition scores (BCS) were recorded, and dosage was adjusted individually for each patient every 28 days until ideal BCS was attained or for up to 196 days. Owners maintained pre-treatment feeding regimens.


During treatment for up to 196 days, dirlotapide and placebo-treated dogs showed respective mean weight losses of 15.9% and 5.3% (A) and 14.0% and 1.7% (B). Percentage weekly weight losses for dirlotapide were significantly (P<0.0002) greater than for placebo: 0.76% vs. 0.24% (A); 0.70% vs. 0.09% (B). After 196 days, dirlotapide-treated dogs showed mean weight losses of 20.9% (A) and 18.4% (B). Emesis and diarrhoea were experienced in both treatments but were more frequent with dirlotapide. At study completion, mean dirlotapide dosage were 0.38 (A) and 0.29 (B) mg/kg initial body weight/day.


Dirlotapide was found to be clinically safe and effective in the reduction of body weight in overweight dogs fed a variety of diets.

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Jacques Gossellin
Pfizer Ltd - Veterinary Medicine Research and Development
Kent, United Kingdom

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