Use of Intravenous Iodine Contrast Medium in Abdominal Computed Tomography (CT) in Birds
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2007
M. Gumpenberger; A. Bauer
Clinic of Diagnostic Imaging, University of Veterinary Medicine
Vienna, Austria

Background and Aims

Although CT provides more skeletal and soft tissue information than radiography coelomic detail is often poor in plain CT in birds. The purpose of the present study was 1) to find the best iodine contrast medium (CM) dosage, 2) to evaluate the persistence of CM enhancement, and 3) to measure parenchymal enhancement, especially of the kidneys.


30 clinically healthy domestic pigeons received plain CT followed by application of 0,1 ml/100g, 0,08 ml/100g, 0,05 ml/100g, 0,03 ml/100g, 0,02 ml/100g or 0,01 ml/100g BW of 370 mg iodine/ml I.V., respectively. The CT scans were repeated three times. Subjective and objective contrast enhancement were evaluated.


Most CM dosages created satisfying enhancement of parenchymal organs except dosages of 0,02 or 0,01ml CM/100g. For example normal kidney parenchyma measured 35 to 55 HU on plain CT and 200 HU after CM application.


In conclusion a dosage of 0.3 to 0.5ml CM/kg (370 mg iodine/ml) may be used for further examinations, which is obviously much less than in dogs. The value of the use of contrast studies in CT has already been proved in some budgerigars and one domestic pigeon suffering from various abdominal space occupying masses.

Speaker Information
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Michaela Gumpenberger
Clinic of Diagnostic Imaging, University of Veterinary Medicine
Austria, Austria

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