World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2006

Proceedings Committees

Local Organizing Committee

Congress President

Jiří Beránek (Czech Republic)

President of Scientific Committee

Miroslav Svoboda (Czech Republic)


Pavel Štellar (Czech Republic)

Travel and Social Programme Coordinator

Pavla Knezourová (Czech Republic)


Z. Hanzálek (Czech Republic)
J. Aragones (Spain)
Peter J. Vit (Switzerland)

International Organizing Committee

WSAVA Representative

Gabriel Varga (Slovak Republic)

WSAVA Advisors

Raul Carranca (Mexico)
Diane Sheehan (Australia)

WSAVA Scientific Committee Coordinator

Robert Washabau (USA)

FECAVA Representative &
FECAVA Scientific Committee Advisor

Ellen Bjerkås (Norway)

Scientific Committee Coordinators

 Lowell Ackerman

 David Lloyd

 Collin Burrows

 Sjeng Lumeij

 Ray Butcher

 Alois Nečas

 Christine B. Chambreau

 Gregory Ogilvie

 Richard A. le Couteur

 Zlatko Pavlica

 Theresa W. Fossum

 Alan Rebar

 Philip R. Fox

 Stefano Romagnoli

 Alex German

 Jan Rothuizen

 Moisés Heiblum

 David F. Senior

 Hans Kooistra

 Andrew Sparkes

 Terry Lake

 Luis Tello

 Chris Lamb

 Miroslav Toman

 Michael R. Lappin

 Anjop Venker van Haagen

Editor: Miroslav Svoboda

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