Truck Kits
Disaster Preparedness Manual
Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

 Halters, lead ropes

 Buckets and grain

 Grass hay

 Butt ropes


 One+ plastic cat carrier

 One+ large plastic dog carrier


 Collapsed cardboard cat carrier


 Sturdy metal birdcage



 Hog panel

 Dog treat cookies (milk bones)

 Canned cat food

 Basic human first aid kit including CPR mask

 Basic animal first aid kit

 Have-a-heart trap

 Flashlights and batteries

 Capture nets

 Clipboards and paperwork

 Pencils and pens

 Water-free hand disinfectant

 Air horn

 Gatorade, water, snacks for humans

 Water jugs and water bowls for animals


 Cell phone, cell phone charger


 Trail tape and sharpie pens

 Livestock crayon

 Spray paint

 Digital camera

 Polaroid camera and film

 Water-free hand disinfectant


 Large garbage bags

 Gloves, latex

 Gloves, leather

 Waders for floodwaters

 Bandanas for smoke

 Hammer, nails, signboards

 Basic tool kit - screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

 Wire cutters


 Microchip scanner

 Police scanner


 GPS unit


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Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

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