Trailer Crew Process
Disaster Preparedness Manual
Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

Always Check IN and OUT!

 You will be assigned a crew number upon check-in at staging area. As you pick up animals they will be identified with your crew number and a letter of the alphabet, starting with "A" and working through "Z."
Example: You arrive at staging/check-in, and you are assigned crew #3. You are now out picking up a cow and a horse. Number them with your assigned color crayon 3A and 3B.

 You must fill out the trailer log as completely as possible while you are picking up animals, that is why there are two of you - one to drive, one to do the logging.

 If the owner is unknown, it is very important to note where you picked up the animal and with what other animals it was running at that time - the more information you record, the better chance we can re-unite the animal and owner. Remember the folks entering data onto the website need to be able to read your handwriting!

 Should you run through all the letters, then proceed to use the same crew number but double letters (3AA, 3BB, etc.). If you have picked up so many that you run through those (what a team!) then go to triple letters. Always stay with your same crew number!


Trailer Log

Animal ID #: _____________________________

P.U. Vicinity of _____________________________

If you have GPS capability, use that, and street signs, other local landmarks

Type of Animal (species): __________________

Breed: ______________________________________

Owner/Responsible Person: _______________________________________________________________

Phone #: ________________________________

Address: _________________________________

Animal's microchip # if they know it: ________

Location of chip: _____________________________

Owner/Agent's Signature: _________________________________________________________________

If no log sheets are available, use one of the steno notebooks, do not tear pages out! Be sure your rig identification information is on the front of the notebook; date and sign all entries.

All owners/responsible agents must be given a copy of the Emergency Release Form and you must keep a copy signed by them for our records. If you are out of forms, write the following on a fresh page in the steno notebook and have them sign it!!

"I am the owner/responsible person for the above animal and have requested the ARG to transport my animal to their shelter for care during this disaster. I understand they will do their very best to help my animal survive this disaster, and I agree to not hold them legally liable if my animal is injured or killed. I understand that I will need to show appropriate identification in order to get my animal back out of the shelter. I understand that if I have not contacted the ARG by the end of the disaster period, my animal will be fostered up to a total of six months from this date. If I have not contacted the ARG by the end of the foster period, my animal will be adopted out to a new permanent home."

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Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

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