Resource Typing, Position Descriptions, and Volunteer Roster
Disaster Preparedness Manual
Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

Remember that the Incident Command Tree, Resource Typing, Position Descriptions, and Volunteer Roster need to be completed well in advance of a disaster incident!

Resource Typing is a way of cataloging personnel, equipment, and usable sites with common terminology, then entering the data into a common database. When an agency's own resources become overwhelmed, the agency may then access the data bank and request additional resources through mutual aid agreements. This is one of those times when it is important to use common terminology, so be sure to read the references below before getting started:

 FEMA Typed Resource Definitions: Animal Health Resources

 FEMA Resource Management and Mutual Aid

 Resource Typing Glossary

Note: These links were valid as of May 2006. If you find a nonfunctional link, please notify the author at so the link can be updated or removed.

Position Descriptions describe individual positions from Incident Commander to Kennel Cleaner. Once you have built your Incident Command Tree - there is a sample in this manual - you will want to have a committee begin writing brief descriptions of each position. Remember that responsibilities are first assigned to positions, and then people are assigned to appropriate positions. Do not take the seeming shortcut of assigning responsibilities directly to a specific person, lest problems arise when that individual becomes unavailable for whatever reason. Each position description should include the following:

 Title of position - same wording as used on the command tree

 Number of positions available with this title

 Skills, experience, and training required

 Any professional licensing required for the position such as MD, DVM, RVT, and RN

 Description of tasks to be accomplished

 Special caveats such as must lift 100#, etc.

 Note the immediate supervisor of this position

 List positions immediately supervised by this position

 Equipment required such as "must own truck and horse trailer in good condition with insurance"

 Whether this is an immediate response position with a duty roster and pager

 Or a secondary response position activated by the regular phone tree system

 Age requirements such as "must be 18 or older," or "must be over 21"

Volunteer Roster is an alphabetical listing of volunteers and includes the following:

 Full name of volunteer

 Birth date

 ARG Position Descriptions they are qualified for and interested in

 ARG and compatible agency committee memberships

 ARG trainings and FEMA classes completed; cross trainings completed with other agencies

 Professional and academic degrees

 Color of ARG ID badge

 Unique identification number on badge

 Contact information: phone numbers, pager, email address, USPS mailing address

Depending on your location, an updated version of this roster may need to be on file with local and state official agencies.

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Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

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