Code Cheat Sheet
Disaster Preparedness Manual
Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

Pager Codes

Numeric pagers are issued to the first three tiers of the command tree, dispatcher and four phone tree assistants, as well as to the first and second response trailer rigs. The codes are:

11111 meet at the fairgrounds

22222 warning, fire in progress, may need to stage for response

33333 cancel, fire controlled

44444 listen to local radio station, we will announce roadblock location. Go directly there.

55555 meet at Incident Commander's veterinary clinic staging area

66666 call dispatcher

77777 mutual aid alert

88888 call Incident Commander

99999 initiate your section of phone tree

Roadblock Designations

Stage one: Residents and Disaster Service Workers with proper ID

Stage two: CDF, Sheriff, ARG hotshot team with full fire gear

Stage three: Nobody

Fire Designations

Fire starts and becomes:

Out of control ->

partial containment achieved ->

Percent contained ->

100% contained cannot spread further but still out of control within boundary ->

Percent controlled ->

100% controlled - we can all start to relax...

Mop up - hot spots to put out, usually residents can return ->

Out - fire considered "out" only after first heavy rains

Types of Emergencies






 Bomb/plane crash/explosion



 Toxic Spill





 Heat wave

Basic Scanner Codes

I highly recommend obtaining some emergency scanners and having volunteers listen... You will have to discover the codes for your area, usually they can be found on a Google search of Your County Name + Scanner Code, or you can check out this website

Since our group originated in an area prone to wildfires, we monitored the frequencies for the county sheriff and various fire suppression agencies.

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Melissa J. Nixon, DVM

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