A Practical Veterinary Cancer Registry
Tufts' Canine and Feline Breeding and Genetics Conference, 2005
H. Steven Steinberg, VMD, DACVIM
Veterinary Specialty Services LLC

The Vet Cancer Registry is a web based (www.vetcancerregistry.com) data collection point for confirmed veterinary cancer cases. Cases have been registered from all over the world and only those cases with confirmed diagnoses are accepted into the database. This service is totally free and has been developed to be user friendly. There are currently more than 8600 cases on the website and cases are being added at a rate of about 12 -18 per week. There are 6,456 dogs and 2,192 cats registered at this time in the registry.

Although the data are of a general nature, by looking at thousands of cases at one time one can notice trends that would not be evident in evaluating only a handful of cases. The search format is extremely interactive and allows for creative pursuits that are left to the imagination of the investigator. There is also a mechanism to query case submitters and to encourage collaboration among researchers.

This effort grew out of the obvious need to collate data about dog and cat brain tumors in order to obtain any meaningful data. The International Brain Tumor Registry evolved to include all types of tumors and the Vet Cancer Registry was "born".

We encourage all veterinarians to contribute data and hope that all persons exploring the large number of cases will appreciate a sense of real value among this growing collection of cases from around the world. All of these results are free to all persons with access to the internet.

The following four charts demonstrate the kinds of information readily available from www.vetcancerregistry.com.

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H. Steven Steinberg, VMD, DACVIM
Veterinary Specialty Services LLC

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