Abscess Formation Due To Pseudomonas (spp) in the Neck of Gray Parrot (A Case Report)
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2005
M.R. Aghchelou1; J.A. Helan1; T. Zahrai- Salehi1; A.R.Vajhi1; M.Ghamsari1
1Academic staff of University of Tehran-Veterinary Faculty
Tehran, Iran

A 6-year-old gray parrot was presented for examination of a lump in the neck. Physical examination revealed a relative solid, pliable mass, about 2 cm in diameter in the pharyngeal region of the neck. The mass was easily palpated and moved freely in each direction beneath the skin. There was not sign of dyspnea. Radiographs were taken of lateral and cranio-caudal views, and there was a mass with soft tissue density. Other clinical signs were not mentioned.

The mass was removed surgically by an anesthesia of Ketamine (30 mg/kg) and Diazepam (1.7 mg/kg) intramuscularly. The mass easily detached from the skin but it attached to underneath tissues. The wound was sutured by Nylon 3-0.Antibiotic and multivitamins were administered orally.

The mass was a 2 cm in diameter capsulated abscess that has got a yellowish caseous (cheesy) exuda. Microbiologically Pseudomonas (spp) was isolated pure.

Histopathologic examination revealed caseous necrosis with bacterial colonies and karyorrhectic bodies which surrounded by macrophages and epitheloid cells and capsulated by inflamed connective tissue.

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M.R. Aghchelou

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