Effects of Vitamine C on LDL, HDL, TG and Total Cholesterol in Dog
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2005
Darioush Shirani1; Reza Agha-Noori2; Mohammad Hosseini2
1Assistant Professor, Small Animal Hospital , Veterinary Faculty, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran; 2Educated from Veterinary Faculty of Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Due to the significance and availability of Natural resources of Vitamine C , there are some different reports in therapeutic usage of vitamin C. in this survey, the effects of vitamin C on the Lipoproteins of blood and on the prevention or treatment of heart disorders have been studied. Ten dogs with the same condition were chosen and all of them selected as a control group with no vitamin C treatment and three dogs with only oral treatment and five dogs as a case group which were treated in both antral and parantral rout. During a six weeks period, blood sampling was done six times and risk factors of blood as well as vitamin C concentration, in both examination and control groups were measured. consumption of vitamin C lead to decreasing of LDL , total cholesterol and triglyceride and increasing of HDL there is another good point in consumption of vitamin C parenterally has more effect than antral dose of vitamin C .it means LDL, total cholesterol and TG could be more deducted and HDL might be more increased rather than entral dose administration.

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Darioush Shirani

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