Surgical Treatment of Detached Coronoid Processus in Dog
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Lavrencic A., Princes I., Koren J.


One of the reasons of elbow lameness in dogs is detached processus coronoideus medialis ulnae. The separated piece of bone can lead to gross osteoarthrotic changes in the elbow joint. In one third of the affected animals also osteochondritis diss. cond. humeri (osteochondrosis) is developing. In last year nine detached coronoid processuses were surgically treated in Veterinary ambulance Vipava.

Material and Methods

The operation was performed in general anesthesia. The cut started on the medial part of elbow from caudal edge of the epicondylus of humerus across the partially distended elbow joint over sulcus which is formed by musculus pronator teres and musculus flex carpi radialis. The elbow joint capsula was cut at angle of 90° to the joint cartilage. Processus coronoideus we found after cut immediately or more often was detected after flexion of the joint. Beside processus also osteofits were found. The joint was washed with saline after removing of pieces. The wound was closed with routine procedure.


In last year nine dogs were surgically treated on this way. Six of them were bern shepard, two were golden retrievers and one Labrador. Age of dogs were seven to eleven months. Wounds after operation healed without problems. Dogs were lame about four weeks after operation. After one month there was no detectable pain after pressure on medial side of the elbow.


Therapy of detached coronoid processus was successful only by operation - arthrotomy.

Results are better if problem is diagnosed early and pieces of bone are removed as soon as possible.


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Anton Lavrencic
Vipava, Slovenija

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