Ovariotomy Vs. Ovariohysterectomy Methods of Choice in Bitches Sterilization
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Varatanović N., Podžo K., Filipović Selma,Podžo M., Babić Ljerka, Katica Amela


This paper presents the effects of ovariotomy and ovariohysterectomy to the health of sterilised bitches over the period of five years. Involved were 253 bitches and of that number 144 were treated, 75 bitches by ovariotomy and 69 by ovariohysterectomy. The bitches weight was between 4,5-41 kg and they were between 1-14 years of age. Through regular visits we examined the following vaginal smear, cystic hyperplasia of uterus, heat, incontinence of urine as well as polydipsia and polyuria. The results showed that, compared to ovariohysterectomy, ovariotomy is a method of choice in sterilization of bitches and should be accepted as such.

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N Varatanović

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