Examining the Changes of Gammagl Obulin Serum at the Time of DHP (Distemper-Hepatit-Parvovirus) Vaccination Separately and Following That Prescribing Levamisole Drug in German Shepherd Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Dr. Dariush Vosough
Academic Staff Of Department Bahonar University Of Kerman, Iran


Levamisole is known both as an antiparasite drug which is used widely is small pets and also as a stimulating factor in body defence system as well. Since one of the vaccinations goals to increase the titer of antibody, we have considered the best time for prescribing levamisole drug for resulting the highest titer of antibody in this research.

Material and method

In this research forty male dogs of German Shepherd breed with equal weight aged three months, after all clinical and paraclinical test and making sure that they are healthy, were divided into four groups of ten. Witness group: They only got DHP vaccination (They received the vaccine in form of liophelisis and live including 10000 virus Distemper, 10000 virus Adenovirus Type2, and 10000000 virus Parvovirus.) Group 1: They received 3 mg/kg levamisole drug one week before DHP vaccination. Group2: They received mg/kg levamisole simultaneously with DHP vaccination. Group 3. They received 3mg/kg levamisole drug one week after DHP vaccination.

Then they got their blood samples on the, 7th, 14th and 21st day and then samples were sent to the laboratory for determining the titer antibody with the electrophoresis method


On the basis of T test and variance analization test the groups were under study. The changes of Gamma Globulin serum in groups 1 and 3 had the same trend with the witness group. Group 2 showed a higher antibody on the 7Th, 14Th, and 21st day after the vaccination compared with witness group and other groups as well. There was a significant difference between group 2 and other groups P<0/05.

Therefore prescribing levamisole drug simultaneous with vaccination will have the best safety response.


The increasing trend of Gamma Globulin serum until day 21 which is the result of levamisols effect on increasing number of T. helper and T. suppressor continues. The second groups result represents the importance of the time the levamisole is prescribed.

The outcomes of the researchers based on levamisole drug injected into the mouse, and also the changes of Gamm Globulin serum at the time of prescribing virus understudy, is similar to my research in German Shepherd dogs.


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Dariush Vosough, Dr.
Academic Staff Of Department Bahonar University Of Kerman

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