A Serologic Investigation of Leishmania Donovani Infection in Dogs of Attiki Area (Southern Greece), between 1995 and 2003
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Boutsini S., Patakakis M., Rodi Burriel A.

17000 serum samples from dogs were tested between 1994 to 2003 for antibodies against Leismania donovani. Of those over 64% were from male dogs. No differences were observed in the over all proportion of seropositive males from those of the females. A significant difference was observed between males and females for high titers (1600) in disfavor of females. When all positives were considered together no differences were observed in the proportions of dogs having low (1/200), medium (1/400-1/800) and high (1/1600) titers. When color was considered significantly more dark color dogs than light were positive. The proportions of positive serum samples from dogs living in the northern suburbs, center of Athens and southern suburbs were 69%, 42% and 10% respectively. Significantly more dogs living in the northern suburbs were positive than in the south (sea sides) and the center of Athens. It is concluded that color and area (wooded, cooler, wetter) are the main risk factors for seroconversion and high titers to the parasite.

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S. Boutsini

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