Intradermal Skin Test in Dogs with Allergic Dermatoses
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
A. A. Sancak; S.Y. Duru; M. Sahal
Department of Internal Medicine, Veterinary Faculty, University of Ankara, Turkey

Intradermal skin test is a method for diagnosis of allergic dermatoses and revelation of the allergens involved in dogs, but standardization of the procedure remains incomplete. The aim of the present study was to interpret the results of allergens, evaluate their clinical relevance and selection of candidate allergens for immunotherapy.

Thirty-nine aqueous allergen extracts and Staphylococcus phage lysate (SPL) were used for intradermal skin testing. Intradermal skin test was applied to 42 atopic dogs.

Positive intradermal skin test has been found in 26 (62%) dogs with allergic dermatitis. The most common positive hypersensitivity was against Dermatophagoides farinae (n=11), Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (n=9), Staphylococcus aureus (n=9) and flea bite hypersensitivity (n=7). Specific immunomodulatory solutions were applied to 4 dogs against D. farinae and D. pteronyssinus. SPL intradermal test positive 7 dogs with recurrent pyoderma were received a commercially available bacterin preparations and SPL injections as adjunct treatment. Although, only one dog gave positive respond after SPL injections. The dogs with recurrent staphylococcal pyoderma with injections of SPL or other commercial bacterin was not result a clinical changes. Three D. farinae positive dogs gave positive response to immunotherapy.

Our study supports the potential involvement of allergens in dogs with atopic dermatitis. However, these evaluations are not foolproof for the diagnosing and the immunotherapy. In atopic cases it is very difficult to evaluate thoroughly for all possible causes of the problem and not every allergic pet is a candidate for allergic skin testing and immunotherapy.

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A. A. Sancak
Department of Internal Medicine, Veterinary Faculty
University of Ankara, Turkey

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