Effect of Early Microenteral Nutrition on Weight Loss; Intrahospitalary Recovery Time and Creatin Phosphokinase Serum Levels in Puppies with Gastroenteritis
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Flores, G.M.A.


Increased weight loss (1), increase creatinine phosphokinase (3) and long intrahospitalary recovery time are the most common complications in puppies with gastroenteritis. The purpose of this study consist in evaluate the effect of early microenteral nutrition on this parameters.

Material and methods

120 puppies from natural cases between 2-4 months old from natural cases with gastroenteritis were used. The puppies were divided in two groups A and B respectively, each one with 60 patients. Both groups were treated with fluid therapy (Hartmann solution) Sulphonamides - rimetoprim (Gorbàn, Intervet) 15 mg/kg/12hrs/IV. The group A was treated with Ranitidine (4) 4mg/kg/8 hrs/IM and was not fed. The group B was treated with Pantoprazole (2) 2 mg/kg/12 hrs/IV and fed with a high caloric liquid density diet (Ensure) supplemented by microenteral nutrition every hour by 3 days. The maintenance energy requirements were calculated for each patient. All the puppies were weighed two times daily. Blood samples fro CPK analyses were taken two times daily.


After 3 days, the rate of weight loss varied from 3.1 to 5.8 % (4.1+/- 0.7) in group B and 19.6 to 26.5 % (22.4 +/- 3.1) in group A. The rate of intrahospitalary recovery time varied from 1.1 to 2.7 days (1.9+/-0.3) in group B and 3.4 to 6.1 days (4.9+/-0.4) in group A. The rate of CPK varied from 84.5 to 129 (93.4 +/- 11) (p<0.01 student`s test) in group B and 318.6 to 451.9 (385.2+/- 29.2) (p<0.01 student`s test).


Early microenteral nutrition must be used in puppies with gastroenteritis because prevent weight loss, reduces intrahospitalary recovery time and maintain in normal ranges CPK levels. Microenteral nutrition is a safety, cheap and easy method for nutritional support in puppies with gastroenteritis.


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G.M.A. Flores

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