Anatomy of the Elbow Joint and Denotation of Elbow Diseases
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2004
Bernd Tellhelm, DECVDI
University of Giessen

Normal Elbow Joint

(from Waibl et al.: Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog, Parey 2003)

A Humerus

B Radius

C Ulna

2 medial humeral condyle

4 lateral epicondyle

6 medial epicondyle

13 medial coronoid process

14 lateral coronoid process

16 anconeal process

Mediolateral view
Mediolateral view


3 medial humeral condyle

7 lateral coronoid process

8 medial coronoid process

Craniocaudal view
Craniocaudal view


Developmental phases of the canine Elbow


Ossification centers of

1. humeral condyle

2. medial epicondyle (anconeal process not yet visible!)

3. proximal radial epiphysis

Primary ED-Lesions (IEWG)

 Ununited Anconeal process (UAP)

 Fragmented medial coronoid process (FCP)

 Osteochondritis (dissecans) medial humeral condyle (OCD)

 Severe Incongruity/step between radius and Ulna (Inc)

For radiographic details please refer to the article by Flückiger. "Radiographic Diagnosis of Elbow Dysplasia in the Dog"

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Bernd Tellhelm,, DECVDI
University of Giessen

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