Infertility in the Feline Species
WSAVA 2002 Congress
Christian Dumon

Since the number of cat breeders as well as the public's interest in purebreed cats is increasing, the cat will be the 21st century pet.

A considerable difference is observed between the proliferation of straying cats and the problems encountered in the feline groups breeding in terms of reproduction.

The physical bases necessary to the understanding of the pathology will be presented, and infertility will be studied as follows:

 Females not coming in oestrus

 Females coming too often in oestrus

 Normal estrus

 Male infertility

 Early and late abortion.

 Behavioural problems

Therapeutic approaches will be briefly presented but we shall focus primarily on the semiology, the diagnostic approach. Artificial insemination in the feline species will be also presented.

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Christian Dumon

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