A New Technique: The Use of the Third Eyelid as a Graft Material in Joint Diseases. Experimental Studies in Rabbits
WSAVA 2002 Congress
*AKTAS Mustafa, SAROGLU Murat, OLGUN Dilek, ARUN Serdar Seçkin
*Prof. Ass. in surgery, I.U. Veteriner Fakultesi
Istanbul, Avcilar, TR


Many recent studies have been realized for the assessment of degenerative joint diseases which are characterized by joint cartilage lost. Many products and a lot of various techniques are still employed for the treatment of this disease. The aim of this study, was to use the hyalin cartilage of the third eyelid as a graft material for the replacement of the defective site of cartilage on the joint and to procure a new cartilage formation on this area.


We use in this study; two groups of 8 rabbits in each. The first group was the control group; we separated a part of the third eyelid of this animals without deteriorating the lacrimal system and we fixed this standardized piece to the site prepared on the cartilage of the knee joints. In the second group the same technique was employed, with the only difference that the standardized defect was recovered with a tissue glue (ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate) for the accurately fixation of the transplant. The animals were sacrificed after a period of 15, 30 and 60 days. The tissue samples were stored for pathologic findings


Analysis of the pathologic samples of the control group showed lost of the transplant material in only a few animals and the presence of a large connective tissue area with fibrocytes and fibroblasts infiltration. The development of degenerative joint disease still progressing in a major part of cases.

In the E-2-C group a restricted or immeasurable area of connective tissue and a good fixation in all 15, 30 and 60 days samples was observed. In addition, a very good adaption of the grafting cartilage to the site was notified.


Obtained results showed that; the use of the third eyelid cartilage as a graft material in the treatment of joint cartilage damage could be easily performed in limited lesions and seems to be useful with the combined use of tissue glue for the fixation of this transplant.

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AKTAS Mustafa
Prof. Ass. in surgery
I.U. Veteriner Fakultesi
Istanbul, Avcilar 34851 TR

ARUN Serdar Se├žkin
Prof. Ass. in pathology

DVM, Research Assistant in surgery

DVM, Phd in surgery

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