Computer Communications: Potential Applications for the IAAAM
IAAAM 1991
Larry W. Junek

This paper will present potential applications for computer communication for the IAAAM using international networks. This preliminary work is intended to present ideas on how computer communication may assist the IAAAM membership in various ways. The primary focus will be on how computer networks have been used in the field to assist workers during a natural or man made disaster, and how the IAAAM may develop and use a similar system to facilitate disaster relief efforts. Issues considered include data sources and distribution, system maintenance and costs, and data security. Other factors of importance are ease of use and user training. Computer communication over international networks may also benefit medical school instructors by providing an online link between student groups and teachers at different institutions. Researchers and veterinarians may also use such a system to obtain up to date clinical reports, case studies and other data.

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Larry W. Junek

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