Welcome to the online version of Promoting the Human-animal Bond in Veterinary Practice
Bonding the Client to your Practice for Fun and Profit (second edition)

The Practice Success Prescription: Team-Based Veterinary Healthcare Delivery

Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, FACHE
Diplomate American college of Healthcare Executives

This second edition is going electronic. It is the medium of the new milennium, and preferred by most veterinary practice staff members. For the Baby Boomers and traditionalist, you are welcome to send the text to print and make your own text (the original text cover was yellow with brown tone pictures).

Dedication to


A head-butting buddy who was always glad to see me,
A silent meow, and a look was all that was needed;
I “scritched” his ears and he was happy, as was I.
He crossed the rainbow bridge last year, and I am still sad.
To Merlin, thanks for the memories.


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