Appendix L: Behavior Management Equipment
Promoting the Human-animal Bond in Veterinary Practice
Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, FACHE, Diplomate American College of Healthcare Executives

Courtesy of Nancy McKenna and Delta Society

There are many behavioral products on the market that owners can use to control unruly behaviors and help in training. While a wide variety is listed here, some may be offensive to specific trainers or behaviorists. The equipment lists below is not endorsed, nor are all of the methodologies, so the tools and programs must be tailored with your own behavior management consultants.

Pet Products for Pet Owners - (also good for staff development)

Pet Products for Professionals/Practices

Human Training Devices

 Promise/Gentle Leader® Headcollar
Campbell Pet Co. 800-228-6364
Premier Pet Products 800-933-5595

 Client Handouts AAHA 800-883-6301
Lifelearn Diskette-Horwitz and Landsberg 800-375-7994

 Child Safety Video, "Dogs, Cats & Kids" Wayne Hunthausen, et al.,

personalized - LC Advertising 480-706-1884
plain, with training kits, bulk, 800-47-CLICK (800-472-5425)

 Direct Interactive Punishment (used by exception, please)

 Barker Breaker (sonic), Aratek Pet Behavior Products, 11025 Sorrento Valley Court, San Diego, CA, 92121,800-762-7618, 619-597-6681

 Direct Stop Repellent, (citronella spray), USA: ABS Inc, 5910-G. Breckenridge Pkwy, Tampa FL, 33610-4253, 800-627-9447, CAN: Multivet, P.O Box 651, St-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S7P5, 800-303-0244, 888-456-2626

 Easy Trainer (ultrasonic) Radio Systems Incorporated, 5008 National Drive, Knoxville, TN, 37914, 800-732-2677, 423-637-8205

 K-9 Bark Stopper/Sonic Pet Trainer (sonic), Innotek, 1000 Fuller Drive, Garrett, Indiana, 46738, 800-826-5527, 219-357-3148

 Pet Agree / Dazzer (ultrasonic), KII Enterprises, P.O. 306, Camillus, NY 13031, U.S.: 800-262-3963, 315-468-3596

 Ultrasonic Pet Trainer, Radio Systems Incorporated (electronic stimulation) - see above

Monitoring Devices:

Tattle Tale, (vibration motion sensor), KII Enterprises, see above

Remote Punishment Collars

ABS Remote Trainer, (citronella spray), USA: ABS Inc & Radio Systems Incorporated, CAN: Spray Commander, Multivet-see above

Innotek Incorporated, (electronic stimulation) - see above

Exercise, Play and Chew Products

 Buster Cube, Jorgensen Laboratories Inc., Loveland, CO, 80538, 800-525-5614

 Goodie ship, Space Ball, Planet Pet, P.O. Box 11778, Naples, Fla., 800-811-8673

 Home Alone Food Ball, Activity Ball, Hightower USA, 4691 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90041, 800-246-6556, 213-255-1112

 Kong Products, 16191-D Table Mountain Parkway, Golden, CO 80403-1641,303-216-2626

 Mutt Puck, 6260 Reber Place, St. Louis, MO, 63139, 800-274-MUTT, 314-781-MUTT

 Nylabone Products, TFH Publications, 1 TFH Plaza, 3rd and Union Ave, Neptune, NJ 07753, 732-988-8400

 Pavlov's Cat (cat scratch feeder), Del-West Enterprises, 1015 Summerwood Court, San Diego, CA 92131 619-689-9999

 Tennis Bone, Happy Dog Toys, P.O. Box 5424, Phoenix, AZ, 85010, 602-585-3511

Booby traps (Environmental Punishment Devices)

 ABS Indoor and Outdoor Pet Containment Systems, (citronella spray), USA: ABS Inc and Radio Systems Inc., see above, CAN: Spray Barrier (Indoor citronella spray containment system), Virtual Fence (outdoor citronella spray system), Multivet, see above

 Innotek Incorporated Indoor and Outdoor Pet Containment Systems (electronic stimulation), see above

 Invisible Fencing, Indoor and Outdoor Pet Containment Systems (electronic stimulation) Invisible Fence Co., 355 Phoenixville Pike, Malvern PA 19355 610-651-0999 - Canadian Distribution: Trans Canada Pet Boundaries, 905-983-3647

 Pet Mat, Radio Systems Incorporated, see above

 Radio Systems Incorporated, Indoor and Outdoor Pet Containment Systems (electronic stimulation), see above, Veterinary Distribution: DermaPet, see above

 Scat Mat, (electronic stimulation mat), ScareCrow, motion activated sprinkler, Contech Electronics, P.O. Box 115, Saanichton, BC, V8M 2C3, Canada, 800-767-8658, 604-652-0755

 Scraminal/Critter Gitret, Amtek Pet Behavior Products, see above

 Smart Bowl, Aqcon Inc., 340 Kingswood Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 3N9, 416-691-0558, 800-891-2695

 Snappy Trainer, Interplanetary Incorporated, 12441 West 49th St., Suite 8, Wheatridge, CO, 80033, 888-477-4738, 303-940-3228

 SofaSaver, Abbey Enterprises, 235 West 1st Street, Bayonne, NJ 07002, 201-823-3690

 Ultrasonic Pest Deterrent, Radio Systems Incorporated, see above

Bark Deterrents:

 A.B.S. (Citronella Spray collar),US: ABS Inc, see above, Aboistop, (Citronella Spray Collar), Canada, Multivet (see above)

 K-9 Bark Stopper (audible bark activated), Innotek, see above

 Radio Systems Incorporated, (electronic stimulation bark collars) see above

 Silencer Bark Activated Collar, (ultrasonic bark activated collar), Radio Systems Incorporated (see above)

 Super Barker Breaker, (audible bark activated) Amtek Pet Behavior Products, see above

Training Tools (courtesy of Wayne Hunthausen, DVM,
You can click on some products for a larger view

Scraminal - This motion detector alarm is an effective, humane product for keeping pets off counters, baby cribs, furniture, trash cans, etc. Movement in front of the sensor sets off a 5 second alarm. 

Direct Stop - An alternative to pepper spray repellent. Emits a Citronella stream up to a distance of 10 feet. Distracts the animal to deter its interest in attack. A safe and harmless way of getting rid of unwanted stray animals and stopping dog fights. Not a 'Mace'/'Pepper Spray' type of product.

Training Treats

 Freeze-Dried Liver - Very tasty morsels for food lure and reward training.

 Freeze-Dried Chicken - An irresistible food treat with very high palatability.

 Freeze-Dried Lamb - Great training treat for dogs that are allergic to other meat products.

Exercise Pens

A nice alternative to a small crate. They are 4 x 4 feet and allow more room for play and activity when the pet has to be confined for more than a half day when the family is away from the home.

Gentle Leader Head Halter

Get help for the pet who needs an attitude adjustment with the Gentle Leader Control System. A natural control and leadership head halter that puts you in the driver's seat.

 Gentle Leader Website

 Head Halter Tips

Gentle SprayTM

Citronella Anti-Bark Collar: This citronella spray collar (no shock) is a very effective and humane way of controlling unwanted barking. How it works.

Chew Guard

Bitter Apple: If you need to keep the pet from sinking its teeth into furniture, railings, electrical cords and other items around the home, you can discourage it with one of these effective sprays.

No Pull Halter

For that head-strong pet who seems to delight in dragging you down the street. Not just a body halter, this device applies pressure in a way that stops pulling. A sure bet to instantly stop straining on the leash and make your walks as enjoyable as they should be.

Soft Paws

An Effective, Safe and Humane Alternative to Declawing! The Purrfect Solution for Problem Cat Scratching.

Don't Declaw...Get Sticky Paws!

So easy to apply...simply pull off a strip from the brown backing sheet (shown in the left hand, above) - apply where you don't want kitty to scratch - then peel off the white "crack & peel" to expose the surface that the cats can't stand! You have now protected your furniture!

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Thomas E. Catanzaro, DVM, MHA, FACHE, Diplomate American College of Healthcare Executives

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