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Requesting Copyright
October 12, 2012 (published)
Peggy Hall; Charlotte Waack; Debbie Friedler

Sample Letter to Instructors


Please remember anytime you incorporate content into your Rounds, CE sessions, or libraries VIN/VSPN must be assured that the copyright is either yours or is appropriately recorded to be used in VIN or any of its associated partners. It is recommended that you confirm in writing that you have 'exclusive right' to using the item(s) and/or the right to give copyright approval to VIN to load to their systems and use in your course, rounds, content, etc.

Copyright and Use of Items ( on/in/from Veterinary Information Network® (VIN®) and Veterinary Support Personnel Network (™ [VSPN(™)] and

Please email your Rounds or Course facilitator and (for VIN CE courses) or (for VSPN CE courses) with the written approval for copyright use including the information required from the copyright document link above (specific information is needed depending on the type of material used).

A common request might look like:
Dear X,

I would like written approval to utilize Y from your book/website/handout/etc. (include the full name, publication date, publisher, and author information). The information will be used for a Rounds/CE session online with Veterinary Information Network and/or Veterinary Support Personnel Network. (If possible please include the information the material will be used for aka CE course and lecture session and topic.) If you will allow its use, please reply with that approval and let me know how you would like the information copyrighted and annotated for appropriate reference.

Thank you for your time!

Your name, credentials, and contact information.