Student Transitioning to Recent Graduate Membership
Published: September 10, 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions About Continuing VIN After Graduation

What are membership rates for Recent Graduates?

During the first 12 months after earning a veterinary degree, you save 70%: $19.50/month or $243/annual (yearly membership rate calculated based on renewal date **).

Through your second year after graduating (13 to 24 months after earning a veterinary degree) you save 40%: $39.00/month or $486/annual (yearly membership rate calculated based on your renewal date ***).

These rates apply only to your first 24 months after graduation and your annual rate will be prorated to adjust as your eligibility for discounts changes.

** If you wait to renew your membership until after you graduate and purchase a year of membership it will be an adjusted rate based on the different discounts you are eligible to receive and the day and month you renew. For Example: If you graduate in May but do not renew your membership until July 1st, you will be eligible for 70% discount for the months July through April and the 40% discount for the months of May through June. This prorated yearly membership will be calculated based on the day of the month you renew and when your prior membership expires.

*** The prorated yearly membership rate will be calculated based on the day of the month you renew, your graduation date and when your prior membership expires.

What are membership rates for Interns and other Academic Members?

Veterinary students, interns, and residents at accredited veterinary universities receive VIN membership for free when they sign up using a school-provided e-mail address and provide the expected completion date of the program (MM/YY).

Interns and Residents must also provide the subject of the program.  See the Academic Membership Policy FAQ for more information. 

What if I am joining a practice that has a VIN payment group?

If you are joining a practice with a VIN group membership, please have the group administrator contact VIN membership services ( to authorize your addition to the group. Once you are added, you will continue to access VIN with your own username and password. Learn more about group membership policies.

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What membership renewal options are available?

Credit Card (Add a card for your membership payments.)





VIN accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

How can I provide a credit card for my renewal?

You can use MyVIN > Membership > Update Credit Card to add a credit card for your membership charges.

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How do I renew before I graduate or rejoin if my membership has ended?

If you haven't graduated yet, you can use MyVIN > Membership > RENEW to tell us about your continuing education or choose your renewal payment options. 

If you have already graduated, you can use MyVIN > Membership REJOIN to provide your renewal payment options.

How do I keep up with VIN news and CE offerings if I decide not to renew right now?

Use the MyVIN feature (VIN's main navigation bar) to provide updated contact information to stay up to date on new features and upcoming Continual Education courses.

I am unsure about renewing because I'm still looking for a job. Any Suggestions?

Use the VIN Classifieds to search for a position or to post your resume. And keep up with VIN news by updating your contact information in MyVIN.

*Prices shown are effective November 15, 2021.