VINners' Oath — Item 9: Feedback
Published: December 12, 2017
Paul D. Pion, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology), co-founder, VIN

Today, I’m writing about the ninth item in the VINner’s Oath:

9 I will help to make VIN better by providing suggestions and feedback.

I often say “VIN sucks, but we try to suck a little less every day.” This is not to suggest that I’m not proud of VIN and all who help create and maintain the content and community. It is to remind me and all who work at VIN that we can always improve and should never be complacent or rest on our past achievements.

VIN is your community. VIN evolves in response to feedback from you and all VINners. At the top of all VIN pages, just below the main navigation bar, next to the VINdex icon you’ll find a feedback icon. If you see something wrong, or something VIN can do better, please send a feedback.

You can also start a discussion on the VIN message boards to solicit ideas and suggestions from colleagues, or contact me directly.

Although not all suggestions can be implemented, all are considered and often openly discussed. Some are put on a list for future implementation while others may not make sense for the majority of the community. Over time, many VINner suggestions become VIN tools or improvements. A few notable examples are:

and many more

If you want to see and provide feedback to help refine the newest VIN features, make your VIN destination. Beta is the playground for testing new features before they are rolled out to the entire community. If you want to see new VIN features first, and help improve them, give a try and send your feedback.

VIN is your community — "for veterinarians, by veterinarians". That means you.

If you find a bug or another problem, speak up. If you have an idea that could help improve VIN for all colleagues, please post to the message boards or email or me at

Next, I will share my thoughts behind the tenth point of the VINner’s Oath:

10 I recognize that VIN is for veterinarians and veterinary students only. I will not allow my staff to access my VIN account; instead I will encourage them to join VSPN.