EveryCat Grant Awards Introduction
March 3, 2023 (published)

EveryCat Health Foundation is the world’s only nonprofit focused solely on feline health research. We award grants for cutting-edge research in feline medicine, ranging from clinically applicable proposals to long-shot investigations with game-changing potential.

Conducting at least two grant reviews annually, since 1968, EveryCat has funded over $9 million in grants representing groundbreaking health research that improves the lives of cats. EveryCat Health Foundation Board of Directors selects projects for funding based on the recommendations of the Scientific Review Committee. The Scientific Review Committee consists of veterinarians, scientific researchers, academicians, and industry advisors, who are selected based on their skills and expertise in various areas of research (e.g., statistics, medicine, surgery, cancer therapy, molecular biology, and diagnostics). To learn about the Request for Grant Proposals, visit the Grant Process page on EveryCat. All inquiries regarding the Grant process can be directed to grants@everycat.org.