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I Want to be a Veterinarian

Love animals and think you might want to consider veterinary medicine as a career, or know someone who might be interested?
Cost of Education Map

Veterinary education is going to cost me what? Any veterinarian can tell you the initial numbers might be a bit shocking. Learn more about the realistic cost of veterinary school.
Student Loan Repayment Simulator

Veterinary student loans are no joke, the Student Loan Repayment Simulator is an interactive program providing a customized repayment plan based on your anticipated income, lifestyle, and total loan amount.
Model Employment Contract

Lawyers might love contracts, but for the average layperson they can seem scary. Whether you are a prospective employee or an employer, the Model Employment Contract is a guide providing you practical contract information with an explanation of legal provisions and fully customizable sections.
New Graduate Survival Manual

Getting through veterinary school is one thing, but getting through real life cases can be another. This guide can help you plan your next steps and provides advice about some of the management issues you may confront as you embark on your career.
Getting Through the Day/Night

Whether it’s 3pm or 3am, being on the frontlines with patients for the first time can be nerve-wracking! The Getting Through the Day and Getting Through the Night classes provide valuable guidance to help you transition from being a student to a working veterinarian
Start Up Club

Maybe you have a few years under your belt as a veterinary professional and are thinking you want to exercise that entrepreneurial spirit. But where do you begin if you think practice ownership might be the right choice for you? The Start Up Club is a group of supportive veterinary professionals who have taken the plunge as practice owners and learned to tell about it. Learn from their successes and failures to see if practice ownership might be right for you.
Vets 4 Vets Group

When you feel like the chips are stacked against you having a confidant to freely talk and share things with can make all the difference. Vets 4 Vets responds to the needs of our veterinary community by reaching out to individuals directly, as well as creating group support networks.
Stone Soup

Being a veterinary practice owner comes with it’s challenges and every once in a while someone finds themselves in an emergency situation where the price might very well be their practice. This is where Stone Soup steps in to help. An emergency fund supported entirely by donations, Stone Soup is available to all vets who because of a natural disaster or other extreme circumstances have found themselves in dire need to keep the doors open.
Solutions for the Profession Competition

The VIN Foundation has just announced its first annual Solutions for the Profession Competition where veterinary students write an essay in an effort to win a cash prize to help with tuition and educational expenses.
Thrive in Five Toolkit

A new addition to our programs was born out of need identified by our Vets4Vets program. This toolkit helps veterinarians thrive in their first five years out of veterinary school. This toolkit is a work in progress and we will be adding more resources along the way to keep checking back for updates.
Dr. Sophia Yin Memorial Fund

The VIN Foundation and Dr. Sophia Yin’s family created the Dr. Sophia Yin Memorial Fund as a way to honor Dr. Yin’s memory. Your donation to the Dr. Sophia Yin Memorial Fund will help support the VIN Foundation’s Vets4Vets program, providing veterinarian-peer-support for colleagues facing the challenges that consumed Dr. Yin.
Dr. Nur Fund
When the story of a Somali veterinarian who lost his leg in civil unrest was published by the VIN News Service, the VIN community expressed a common goal of wanting to help their colleague get a new prosthetic leg. The VIN Foundation reviewed the situation and found an alliance with its mission and decided to spearhead the effort by helping raise funds through its established giving process, with 100% of the donations going directly to help Dr. Nur.

VIN Foundation serves animal- and human-kind by ensuring veterinary professionals have the tools,
confidence and support to thrive. Empowering ONE empowers all. 

What is the need for the VIN Foundation?

Veterinary medicine spans areas including food animal and meat inspection, academia and research, international health and public awareness, as well as cutting edge surgery, diagnostic testing, and medical treatments for every animal species. The strength and health of our pets, agriculture, research, families, and communities depend upon a healthy, vibrant, and strong veterinary profession. Supporting and advocating for individuals within the profession is the heart and soul of the VIN Foundation. By helping veterinary professionals navigate the challenges of their careers, the VIN Foundation is helping to better serve animal- and human-kind.

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The VIN Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was created by members of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) in 2005. VIN is an online community of veterinarians and veterinary students with over 50,000 members worldwide. The VIN Foundation is made possible through generous gifts by individual donors and grants, all gifts made to the VIN Foundation are tax deductible.

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