Instructor Setup
November 20, 2013 (published) | July 2, 2015 (revised)
Peggy Hall; Charlotte Waack; Debbie Friedler

Before becoming an instructor for VIN/VSPN, an initial setup process and paperwork must be completed.

  1. The course facilitator will discuss with you and help you determine the following information:
    • Course topic
    • Course title
    • Session duration - 1 hour (Rounds), 90 minutes (typical VSPN CE), or  2 hours (typical VIN CE).
    • Approximate dates - time of year, day of week
  2. VIN/VSPN Member - If you will be teaching a VIN/VSPN CE course but still need to become a VIN/VSPN member, your facilitator will assist you through the registration process.

  3. Payment - An instructor's stipend is calculated based on the course credit hours plus a small bonus added per course credit hour per number of paying participants enrolled in the course.
    The course facilitator will provide a stipend estimate once an approximation of the course credit hours has been determined. The stipend will be paid upon course completion, approximately 2 weeks after the course closes.    

  4. ICA/W9 - If you are not an employee of VIN/VSPN, you must have an Independent Contract Agreement (ICA) and W9 on file with VIN Accounting. Your facilitator will contact you with the necessary forms if you need them.

  5. Payment Options - Instructors can also choose their payment option: mail, ACH (electronic deposit)- (continental US only), or wire transfer. Your course facilitator will work with you to set up your payment option.

  6. Curriculum Vitae (CV) - All instructors need to turn in a current CV that includes speaker contact information, education and credentials, work experience, teaching experience, publications, and past speaking engagement history.
    Most VIN and VSPN CE courses are submitted to the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) for approval by the Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) Committee. RACE has specific standards for CE and how we submit the application for program approval. We also submit all practice management courses to the VHMA (Veterinary Hospital Manager's Association) for approval for credits for CVPM (Certified Veterinary Practice Manager).
    Depending on the RACE requirements for your particular course, your facilitator may request that you provide three (3) letters of recommendation from diplomate veterinarians within the same college/academy of the topic you will be teaching.
    For RACE recommendation forms, see RACE Presenter Recommendation Form.
  7. Lecture Format - Instructors are offered two methods of delivery for their Real Time Session lecture:
    1. All  Live Audio - The lecture is delivered via audio live, much like lecturing at a conference.
    2. Pre-Recorded and Live Audio- A mixture of lecture delivery of both methods. Usually, the presentation is recorded on a PowerPoint presentation, and the participants' questions are answered via live audio.

    Your course facilitator will discuss presentation modalities: audio, pre-recorded, or a combination of both.
    1. Audio and Connectivity - Internet connectivity is critical to producing consistent sound quality. Audio works best with a consistent high-speed cabled connection. Please avoid using audio broadcasts with a wireless or dial-up connection if possible.
    2. Microphone Headset - If you do not have a microphone headset, the facilitator will arrange to have a microphone headset shipped to you.
    3. Zoom Demonstration - If you are a new instructor or haven't taught in a while, the facilitator will arrange a demonstration of the CE course area layout, message boards, and Zoom classroom. You will learn about the teaching modalities and the materials you must turn in for each type of presentation.

  8. Real Time Session Experience - Facilitators will arrange for new instructors to attend a Real Time Session to gain experience with the online class format. Instructors should also be prepared to take the CE Practice Session to experience what the student will see when a course is delivered. Experienced instructors can opt out of this activity.

  9. Instructor Biography - We provide an informal instructor biography for every CE instructor. This informal information page is available to the course participants and the general public. The biography is essential as it allows the student of a course to better relate to the instructor.
    • If the instructor already has an instructor biography on file with VIN/VSPN CE, the facilitator will ask the instructor to review their bio and provide updates.

    • If the instructor does not have a biography with VIN/VSPN, the facilitator will send the instructor a form to fill out and return so an instructor biography can be created. For more information, see Preparing Your Biographical Sketch.