Self Study CE Certificate Requirements
Revised: June 09, 2022
Published: March 01, 2012

Self Study CE Courses

The VIN and VIN family (VSPN, dripVet, Cattledog) CE Self Study courses are entirely online. In this particular type of course there are no real-time sessions, message boards, or instructor interaction. The course is designed around the materials provided in the Course Dashboard. Participants watch videos, read documents, and complete homework assignments, quizzes, and/or tests at their own pace. Participation is recorded via computer and is based upon the completion of the provided lesson materials.

Participation Policy for Course Credit

In Self Study courses, the Course Dashboard guides you through the tasks you need to complete in order to earn a CE certificate. 

    • These tasks must be completed before the course close date.
    • The Course Dashboard will keep track of your progress thus allowing you to leave and resume where you left off when you return.
    • Tasks may include reading provided materials, watching videos, participating in interactive games and/or case challenges, taking quizzes, etc.  
    • Successful completion of quizzes and the end-of-course test are mandatory if you wish to be considered for a CE certificate.
    • Quizzes and tests may be taken as many times as needed to attain a passing score (80% or better).
    • Successful completion of the course materials and the mandatory end-of-course test is required if you wish to be considered for a CE certificate. 

Learning Online is Convenient and Easy

  • Once you are enrolled in a Self Study course, you can immediately access and begin working on the course materials.     
  • Login to the CE portal page and access the Course Dashboard. 
    • Go to and click on the CE Portal button.
    • Click on the Login button on the CE Portal page (upper right) and login.
    • Scroll down until you see the MyCE insert with the list of courses you are enrolled in.
    • Find your course in the Current Courses tab and select the green arrow in the Visit Course column. This will open up the Course Dashboard.
      For more information about accessing and using MyCE, see MyCE.
  • Once you have completed the course materials and passed the end-of-course test, you will be presented with a red button entitled Submit Course for Review. Click on this button to submit your course work for review.  You will be notified by email once your certificate is ready for viewing/download from MyCE.

  • After you complete the course, you will have access to the course evaluation in the Course Dashboard.  Please fill out the course evaluation. Your input helps us to improve our course offerings for future course participants.

Certificates for Participation

 You will receive an email notification when your course certificate is available for download from MyCE. Participants can go online to their MyCE page and download the CE certificate anytime after the date specified in the email notification. For more information on how to access and use MyCE, please refer to MyCE.

You are responsible for keeping track of each hour of CE credit earned and for printing or saving this completion certification for submission to your accrediting board(s). VIN CE provides certificate information to any state or province board only in response to a question from your accrediting board.

If you need further documentation, call 1.800.846.0028 or email