COVID-19 Information Center

Clinic Plan: Poland Veterinary Centre -- Social Distancing
Revised: April 08, 2020
Published: March 16, 2020

John Daugherty
Poland Veterinary Centre

Due to the nature of our business, we have a great deal of interaction with the public. This increases the risk of virus transmission. In order to reduce that risk for our staff as well as our clients, we will be instituting the following measures to increase social distancing:

  • We are offering telephone consultation on patients that may not need an actual exam, or for owners who are afraid to come in.
  • We are asking clients to wait in their cars, call us when they're here, and one person will go out to meet them and escort them to an exam room, so the lobby won't be full of people.
  • A technician will go into the exam room and take a history, then bring the pet to the treatment room for its exam. The doctor will then go in and talk to them, but maintain a safe distance.

IMPORTANT!!!! The procedures highlighted in yellow have been changed effective Tuesday March 17. Please see new procedure below!!!

  • Wash your hands after every patient and/or client interaction.
  • We will be setting up some sort of video method (Skype) to do consultations as well.
  • We are asking clients on the phone when they make an appointment if they are sick, and warning them not to come in if they are. 
  • We are asking people to call us from the parking lot so we can take medication refills out to their cars to avoid contact as much as possible. 
  • Each client will be informed of this new policy when they call to schedule an appointment, so that they are prepared for the changes.
  • At the request of the Governor of the State of Ohio, we will not be scheduling any elective procedures until further notice. This measure is to conserve gloves and surgical masks to avoid critical shortages.
  • We will still provide wellness care, but the client will not be permitted to enter the building. We will bring the pet inside, provide whatever care is needed, then return the pet to the car. We will do all consultation by phone. The same procedure now applies to every patient. This has been updated as of March 17.
  • We will place our own slip leads on dogs, and after the appointment, they will be placed in a disinfectant bath overnight. The disinfectant will be changed daily, and the leashes will be dried before reuse.