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VIN Store Update
May 25, 2016 (published)

After 15 years of operating the VIN Book Store, largely at a break-even or loss, as a service to VIN members, the complication of sales tax in a multitude of states has made it administratively unfeasible to continue.   The VIN Book Store will continue as a source of publications written by authors who self-publish and a source of VIN and VIN Foundation items, such as brochures, but we will no longer sell books from the following publishers:

  • AAHA
  • CRC Press
  • Taylor and Francis
  • Elsevier Health
  • Lifelearn
  • North American Compendiums
  • Thieme
  • Teton
  • Wiley and Son

Most of the books by these publishers can be found at lowest prices (and with free shipping) on Amazon.  If you do purchase from Amazon, it would be wonderful if you would use the Amazon Smile site and choose the VIN Foundation as your charity.  VIN Foundation will thereby receive a small percentage of the sale as a donation at no additional cost to you.

Thanks for your support of VIN and the VIN Foundation.


Paul D. Pion, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)
co-founder, VIN