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AAEP LAMS207-1207: Advanced Equine Reproductive Ultrasonography

Ahmed Tibary DMV, Dip. ACT (Theriogenology)
Juan Samper, DVM, Dip. ACT (Theriogenology)
Regina Turner, DVM, Dip. ACT (Theriogenology)
Audrey Kelleman, DVM, Dip. ACT (Theriogenology)

December 2, 2007 - January 27, 2008
Interactive sessions: Sundays, December 2, 9, 16, break for holidays, January 6, 13 and 20; 9:30 - 11:30 pm ET (USA)

For this advanced module in equine reproductive ultrasonography, the following topics will be discussed:

Course Outline:

Week 1 (December 2):
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of ovarian abnormalities will be presented including: ovarian tumors, ovarian hematoma, hemorrhagic follicles, anovulatory follicles and developmental abnormalities
Instructor(s): Dr. Juan Samper

Week 2 (December 9):
Ultrasonographic features of uterine and cervical abnormalities in the non-pregnant mare will include a discussion of uterine cysts, endometritis/metritis, pyometra, pneumometra as well as other uncommon abnormalities (hematoma, abscesses, adhesions, neoplasia)
Instructor(s): Dr. Ahmed Tibary and Dr. Juan Samper

Week 3 (December 16):
Evaluation of the high risk pregnancy will focus on normal ultarasonographic parameters of the placenta and fetus. A detailed description of techniques of evaluation of fetal growth and fetal and placental health will be given. Abnormalities of the fetus and pregnancy will be described including features of placentitis, placental detachment, fetal stress, abnormalities of the umbilical cord, hydrops, hydrocephalus, mummification and maceration.
Instructor(s): Dr. Ahmed Tibary


Week 4 (January 6):
An overview of the evaluation of the normal postpartum mare (days 1 to onset of foal heat) will be presented followed by common reproductive disorders of the postpartum period including partial retention of the placenta, metritis, urometra, uterine rupture, uterine hemorrhage, board ligament hemorrhage and traumatic lesions of the birth canal.
Instructor(s): Dr. Audrey Kelleman

Week 5 (January 13):
Abnormalities of the scrotum and its contents will be presented including: Hydrocele, inguinal/scrotal hernia, testicular torsion, orchitis, testicular neoplasia, epididymitis and epididymal cysts. A discussion of common testicular development abnormalities will be presented with particular reference to evaluation of the cryptorchid colt. Additionally, abnormalities of the accessory sex glands will be presented including blocked ampullae, seminal vesiculitis, and diseases of the prostate. Evaluation of the terminal aorta and origins of the iliac arteries will be covered with an emphasis on aortoiliac thrombosis.
Instructor(s): Dr. Regina Turner and Dr. Juan Samper

Week 6 (January 20):
This series will focus on advanced technique in ultrasonographic imaging and ultrasonographic manipulation. It will include transvaginal ultrasound-guided follicular aspiration, ultrasound guided twin reduction, and Doppler examination of thespermatic cord and testes.
Instructor(s): Dr. Regina Turner

Discussions will begin on the start date of the course and will continue for 7 days following the last real time session.

CE HOURS: 12 CE Credits

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Member/$222, Non-Member/$332 after November 18, 2007

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Required Textbook: None

Recommended Textbooks:
Equine Diagnostic Ultrasonography, 1st edition - Reef - 1998
Available in the VIN bookstore:
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(2nd edition due for release soon)

Manual of Equine Reproduction, 2nd edition - Blanchard, Schumacher et al - 2003
Available in the VIN bookstore:
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Current Therapy in Equine Reproduction - Samper, Pycock, McKinnon - 2007
Available in the VIN bookstore:
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