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VIN EXOT610-0821: Zoo Wellness Program Based on Risk Analysis

The lectures for this course will be presented in an audio format using a webinar platform.

Presenter: Geoff Pye, DVM, ACZM
Course Open: August 6-October 13, 2021
Real Time Sessions (RTS): Sundays, August 15, 29, September 19, and October 3; 7:00-8:30 pm ET (USA) World Clock Converter
Total CE Credit: 6
RACE Category: 6 hours Medical

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Course Information:
This course will help you develop a wellness program for your zoo.

Participants will create a definition of a zoo utilizing a handout provided in the course library. If you currently do not provide health care for a zoo, you can create your own zoo with the species that interest you or download the example zoo from the course library which contains diverse species you can learn from. The definition of your zoo needs to be completed before the first real time session webinar.

Homework assignments will be posted to the course message boards and discussions amongst the participants in that forum are highly encouraged.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, the participant should be able to
  • understand the components of a wellness program at a zoo.
  • understand the four steps of risk analysis: hazard identification, risk assessment, risk management, and risk communication.
  • identify the hazards for the species in your zoo.
  • assess the risk for each hazard to the animals and the business of your zoo.
  • develop a wellness program for your zoo that manages / mitigates the risks associated with the identified hazards.
  • communicate to the stakeholders at your zoo.

Level and Prerequisites: This basic VIN CE course is open for enrollment to veterinarians interested in Zoo Wellness Programs. There are no prerequisites for this course.
Accreditation: This course is approved for 6 hours of continuing education credit by RACE for veterinarians. (RACE 20-798781)

Course Agenda:

Course Open (August 6, 2021) Homework (prior to the August 15, 2021 Real Time Session):
Download the zoo handout from the course library and create the definition of your zoo (list of species and numbers of each). This can be based on your real zoo, a made-up one, or you can use the example zoo provided in the course library.

Week 1 (Real Time Session August 15, 2021): Zoo Wellness Program – Risk Analysis
Homework (prior to the August 29, 2021 Real Time Session):
Identify and document the animal health hazards that are a risk to your zoo.

What is a zoo wellness program? What is risk analysis? How do we apply this to a zoo wellness program? We will answer these questions and help you set up your zoo for success.

**** August 22, 2021 - No Real Time Session ****

Week 2 (Real Time Session August 29, 2021): Assessing Level of Risk
Homework (prior to September 19, 2021 Real Time Session):
Assess the risk of each of the identified hazards for your zoo.

How do we assess risk for each hazard identified for your zoo? How do we assess both the animal health and organizational health risks? This session will cover the assessment of the risk of each hazard (transmissible pathogen of concern) for your zoo. What knowledge is needed to determine the level of the risk to your zoo, including both the risks to the animals and the business.

**** September 5 and 12, 2021 - No Real Time Sessions ****

Week 3 (Real Time Session September 19, 2021): Risk Mitigation
Homework (prior to October 3, 2021 Real Time Session):
Add the risk mitigation actions to your zoo’s wellness program. <

How do we manage the risk for each hazard for your zoo? This session will cover the steps involved in the management or mitigation of the risk of the hazards that we have identified in previous classes. We will develop wellness programs based on this for our zoos.

**** September 26, 2021 - No Real Time Session ****

Week 4 (Real Time Session October 3, 2021): Zoo Wellness Program
Homework (prior to October 13, 2021):
Post your zoo wellness program on the course message board.

In this session, we will look at the final customization of your zoo wellness program so that we end the course with a finished product that can be applied in a practical manner.

Successful completion (scoring 80% or better) on the end-of-course test is required to earn a certificate of completion for the course.

To learn more about the requirements for earning a CE certificate, please refer to Receiving Your CE Credit and Course Completion Certificate.

Course Materials: Course materials will be available in the course library prior to each Real Time Session.
Required Textbook(s): There is no required textbook for this course.

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