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EXOT201-0209: Intermediate Fish Medicine

E. Scott Weber, VMD, MSc (course coordinator)
Brian Palmeiro, VMD
Drury Reavill, DVM, DABVP (Avian), DACVP
Helen Roberts, DVM
Shane Raidal, BVSc, Ph.D, FACVSc
Peter L. Merrill, DVM
Paul Egrie, VMD
Jennifer Matysczak, VMD

February 26 - March 26, 2009
Real-time sessions: Thursday evenings; February 26, March 5, 12 and 19; 9:30-11:30 pm ET (USA)

Course Description

This intermediate fish medicine course is designed to further your experience with fish medicine. The basic concepts will be expanded and applied to case examples. The instructors are experienced fish practitioners who will provide important tips on running a fish practice as well as the important issues facing aquatic medicine.


Week 1 (February 26): Review of Basics

Week 2 (March 5): Surgery and Anesthesia (Roberts)

Week 3 (March 12): Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases (Weber and Reavill)

Week 4 (March 19): Regulatory Issues (Merrill and Egrie)

Discussions will begin on the start date of the course and continue for 7 days following the last real-time session.


Member/$144, Non-Member/$223 by February 12, 2009;
Member/$160, Non-Member/$248 after February 12, 2009
Course enrollment also open to VSPN members.

All course registrants: Please be aware that this is an intermediate level course, which assumes a basic level of knowledge on fish medicine. This basic level of knowledge may constitute completion of the Basic Fish Medicine course or past or current experience in a fish practice. Please read the course description and weekly outline carefully to judge whether this is the appropriate course for you.

Required Textbook:

Recommended Textbooks/Journals:

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Edited by William H. Wildgoose, BVMS, CertFHP, MRCVS, Blackwell Publishing
Available in the VIN bookstore:
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Available in the VIN bookstore:
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