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VIN DIAG412-0422: Practical Point-Of-Care Ultrasound for the Everyday General Practice

The lecture for this course will be presented in an audio format using a webinar platform.

Presenters: Soren Boysen DVM, DACVECC
Serge Chalhoub BSc, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)
Course Open: April 19-May 6, 2022
Real Time Session (RTS): Tuesday, April 26, 2022; 8:00-10:00 pm ET (USA) World Clock Converter
Total CE Credit: 2
RACE Category: 2 hours Medical

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Course Information:
“When something is visualized, the truth of its occurrence or existence can no longer be doubted - Seeing is Believing”. This proverb has particular meaning when it comes point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS); diagnostic confidence increases in 89.2% of human patients when general practitioners add bedside POCUS to patient evaluation! Forget about winter, “POCUS is coming,” so get ready! Recent surveys suggest 50-80% of veterinary clinics in North America have an ultrasound machine. Unfortunately, despite POCUS revolutionizing all facets of veterinary medicine, many ultrasound machines are underutilized in general small animal practice. This should not be the case! By asking clinically relevant, often binary yes/no questions, veterinary POCUS can be rapidly and efficiently learned and applied by anyone in almost any setting! So, dust off that ultrasound machine, go beyond looking for the urinary bladder to get a urine sample, and start using ultrasound to make a difference in how you manage your daily patients! This banter filled lecture, delivered by an internist and a criticalist (who rarely agree on anything), will define veterinary POCUS, discuss its evolution, and cover the key binary diagnostic questions that can rapidly and easily be answered with minimal training. We will summarize the clinically driven questions you want to ask and answer in different settings, and discuss which POCUS skills are easy to learn, vs. those that require more practice.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, the participant should be able to
  • define point-of-care ultrasound in veterinary medicine and how it differs from formal consultative ultrasound.
  • describe the different settings in which point-of-care ultrasound is used.
  • list the key organ systems and key clinical questions that can be answered with point-of-care ultrasound.
  • categorize POCUS questions as easy, moderate or difficult with regards to the skills and training needed to answer these questions.
  • briefly demonstrate how to obtain the correct windows for the easiest POCUS skills to master (POCUS windows to answer moderate and more difficult POCUS questions will not be covered due to the interests of time).

Level and Prerequisites: This basic VIN CE course is open for enrollment to veterinarians. It is designed to introduce the general practitioner to point-of-care ultrasound and will emphasize what clinically driven questions are easy to learn, especially for the novice sonographer.
This course is not open to veterinary students.
Accreditation: This course is approved for 2 hours of continuing education credit by RACE for veterinarians. (RACE 20-898687)

Course Agenda:

Week 1 (Real Time Session April 26, 2022): Practical POCUS For Everyday General Practice
Presenters: Soren Boysen DVM, DACVECC and Serge Chalhoub BSc, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)

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This course is not open to veterinary students.

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