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ALTM102-0904: Introduction to Veterinary Herbal Medicine
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Barbara Fougere,
All Natural Vet Care Russell Lea Sydney

Sept 28th - Nov 9th, 2004
Interactive sessions: Tuesday evenings; 9:30 - 11:30 PM ET

This course in Veterinary Herbal Medicine is an introductory clinically based course in Western herbal medicine designed for veterinarians, qualified veterinary technicians and veterinary nurses who wish to start adding herbal medicine to their range of treatment options. It is also suitable for the practitioner who doesn�t wish to be a herbalist but has clients who ask questions about herbs. It assumes a knowledge of conventional animal physiology, anatomy, pathophysiology and husbandry.

The course is presented over 6 weeks in 6 modules. It is affiliated with the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association and for those who wish to obtain a VBMA Certificate of Introductory Herbal Medicine for Animals (120 hours) additional study and assignments will be required to be submitted to VBMA for assessment and an additional fee of $600.00 will be incurred.
Students have the option of continuing the learning process after the VIN course and completing a VBMA accredited Certificate of Introductory Herbal Medicine for Animals over the next 6-9 months via a flexible home-study format.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this 6 week course participants will:

Course Structure
The VIN course in Herbal Medicine for Animals comprises 6 modules. Each module focuses on one or more herbs that can be incorporated into practice as single herbs or combined in basic formulations. We review a monograph on each of these herbs to gain greater depth of knowledge about their properties and use

Module 1 - Laying the Groundwork

Module 2 - Sources of herbal medicines Module 3 - Basic Phytochemistry and pharmacology of herbs Module 4 - Philosophy and Principles of Western Herbal Medicine Module 5 - Dosing considerations in Veterinary medicine Module 6 - Practicing herbal medicine Materials Required:
Hoffman D 2001 Complete illustrated guide to the Holistic Herbal, Harper Collins Publishers
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to herbal medicine. It contains information on the principles of herbal medicine and individual herbs, how to make herbal remedies and more.

Mills S, Bone K Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy. Modern herbal Medicine Churchill Livingston 2000
This text book is necessary for those wishing to pursue the Certificate of Introductory Herbal Medicine for Animals, however it is also an excellent resource to have on the shelf for anyone seriously considering prescribing on a regular basis.

Material Recommended:
Griggs B 2001 Green Pharmacy: a History of Herbal Medicine, 3rd edition, Inner Traditions International, Vermont.
This is one of the most comprehensive books on the history of western herbal medicine and is very readable.

Participants will be required to purchase a few herbs for activities

For VIN there will be a multi-choice on line exam (open book) with 25 questions. 100%, a pass mark of 75% a certificate of completion will be awarded.

For VBMA Certificate of Introductory Herbal Medicine for Animals additional study, reading and submission of assignments relating to each module will be required. The assignments will take the form of short question/ answers, short essays (500-1000) words and multiple choice questions. This will deepen and broaden knowledge in the six modules providing a more indepth understanding and appreciation of the issues in veterinary herbal medicine. It is expected that an additional 120 hours over 6 months will be required, however the time limit for completion of assignments extends to 9 months for the Certificate Course. Students must achieve a pass in all assignments.

Discussions will begin on the start date of the course and will continue for 7 days following the last real time session.


TUITION: (Registration Closed)
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VIN Member/$192, Non-VIN Member/$276 after Sept 14th, 2004

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COURSE WITHDRAWAL AND REFUND POLICY: Withdrawal prior to the listed start date of a course entitles the registrant to a complete refund or a credit toward a future VIN CE course, whichever is preferred. Withdrawal within 1 week after the listed start date (i.e. including no more than one real-time session) entitles the registrant to a credit toward any future VIN CE course. (Does not apply to courses with only one real-time session.) After the first real-time session, a registrant may withdraw due to special circumstances and receive prorated credit towards a future VIN course. These requests will be handled on an individual basis. The amount of the prorated credit will be determined based on 65% of the time remaining in the course at the time of withdrawal. It is not possible to withdraw retroactively.

Note: To ensure rapid handling of your request for withdrawal, we recommend that you call the VIN office at 1-800-700-INFO.

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