Policies: Membership Benefits
December 29, 2010 (published) | December 12, 2017 (revised)

Membership Benefits


VIN members are entitled to several benefits as part of their membership. These include VIN Rewards, VIN Store and eVetsites discounts.

What is the purpose of the VIN Rewards Program?
Who is Eligible for VIN Rewards?
Who is NOT Eligible for VIN Rewards?
How Do I earn VIN Rewards Points?
How Much are My VIN Rewards Points Worth?
How Do I Find Out How Many VIN Rewards Points I Have?
How Do I Redeem my VIN Rewards Points?
How Do I Lose VIN Rewards Points?
What Else Should I Know about VIN Rewards (the fine print)?
What VIN Store benefits do I get?
What eVetSites benefits do I get?
What VINx benefits do I get?

What is the purpose of the VIN Rewards Program?

The VIN Rewards program was initiated to demonstrate commitment and appreciation to long-standing and loyal community members, rather than the usual practice of offering rewards to attract new members as we have all experienced in and outside the veterinary profession.

Who is eligible for VIN Rewards?

VIN Rewards are earned for each fully paid (and not discounted) month of membership.

Who is NOT eligible for VIN Rewards?

Members who pay reduced rates (recent graduates, academics, etc.) and Members who have payment groups, are not eligible to earn VIN Rewards points. Only members who pay non-discounted rates are eligible to earn VIN Rewards points.

How do I earn VIN Rewards Points?

You earn one VIN Rewards point for each fully paid month of individual membership.

Note: Free time, such as previously redeemed VIN Rewards months and free trial periods do not count as fully paid months.

How much are My VIN Rewards Points worth?

VIN Rewards Points have NO CASH VALUE.

VIN Rewards Points can only be redeemed in exchange for free months of VIN membership.

13 VIN Rewards Points earn one free month of VIN membership.

Note: VIN Rewards Points belonging to individuals joining a payment group are not eligible for redemption. However, if the member later leaves the group or the group disbands, and the member opts to continue their VIN membership, the points remain available for individual membership redemption. VIN Rewards Points previously earned by members starting a payment group of more than 6 will be expired when the group is started.

How do I find out how many VIN Rewards Points I have?

Your total available points are printed on your receipt for membership charges.

How do I redeem my VIN Rewards Points?

VIN Rewards points may be redeemed for FREE VIN Membership time.

13 VIN Rewards points earned as an individual may be redeemed for one FREE MONTH of VIN Membership time for that individual.

Individuals may redeem VIN Rewards Points for a maximum of 2 FREE months of VIN Membership time per 12 consecutive calendar months.

Redeem your VIN Rewards by sending email to VINGRAM@vin.com or calling VIN membership services at 800-700-4636 or 530-756-4881.

When you email or call, we will wish to verify that we have your current contact information (address, phone, email, etc).

Will I lose my VIN Rewards Points if I cancel my membership?

All VIN Rewards Points expire upon any interruption of your VIN Membership unless that interruption results from an error or miscommunication on the part of the VIN Membership Team. Members who convert their individual membership to a payment group of more than 6 members lose their VIN Rewards Points.

What else should I know about VIN Rewards (the fine print)?

Free time, such as previously redeemed VIN Rewards months and free trial periods do not count as fully paid months.

VIN Reward Points CANNOT be traded, sold or in any way transferred between individuals.

The VIN Rewards Program and Program Rules can be changed or canceled at any time without notice.

What VIN Store benefits do I get?

VIN Members receive 10-15% discounts on all items in the VIN Store, and also receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $90.00 (ground shipping, continental USA only). More details are available at: Bookstore FAQ's

What eVetSites benefits do I get?

eVetSites is a VIN service company that creates and maintains practice websites. VIN Members receive a free 30 day trial period to create their own private website with our eVetSites Online Builder. And VIN members save 33% off the normal low eVetsite monthly fee. More details are available at: http://www.evetsites.com/

What VINx benefits do I get?

VINx - VetTools, PetTools, eVetSites - is part of the VIN family created to help you communicate with your staff, connect with clients, and succeed at your practice.

VINx develops services that streamline practice management and enhance patient care while increasing the value of your veterinary services and improving your practice’s performance. The VINx suite of services include:

VetTools is focused on streamlining practice management and enhancing patient care anywhere, anytime – even from the comfort of your own home or mobile device, and is included FREE with your VIN membership.

eVetSites offers websites for the veterinary profession while helping you build an informative, creative online presence. $49 per month for VIN members.

PetTools helps your clients participate in their pet's health while strengthening their connections with you. PetTools offers customizable online medical records, reminders (email and postcard), pet health requests, personalized email campaigns, and more. $89 per month for VIN members.

For more information about VINx call (800) 454-0576 or email vinxsupport@vin.com


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