Ten Commandments of VIN
November 15, 2010 (published)
Paul Pion
10 Commandments

  1. VIN shall always be For Veterinarians, By Veterinarians and other colleagues who support the development of veterinarians and veterinary students (see VIN-Membership Eligibility Summary).
  2. VIN shall make choices based upon what is best long-term for VIN Members.... not what is best for the short-term, for VIN or for "profit".
  3. VIN shall encourage its members to be critical, questioning, caring veterinarians, and shall strive to provide or generate the highest level of clinical evidence available.
  4. VIN shall support the future of the veterinary profession; the development of the people who join our profession, and the information upon which our profession is based.
  5. VIN shall support the independence of the veterinary profession and the veterinarians, veterinary clinics, and veterinary schools that make up the profession.
  6. VIN shall fairly reward the individuals who generate information resources available on VIN.
  7. VIN shall honor the privacy of all colleagues and never share any colleague's information with others without the explicit permission of those who have entrusted VIN with their information.
  8. VIN shall never enter into a "partnering" relationship with another entity who is unwilling to sign and be bound by the Governance Document.
  9. VIN shall have the "spine" to speak out against injustices, even when it may not be in the best interest of VIN, or when there is threat of litigation for doing so.
  10. VIN shall never betray the trust of the VIN membership in any way.

Friendly Reminder to Our Colleagues: Use of VIN content is limited to personal reference by VIN members. No portion of any VIN content may be copied or distributed without the expressed written permission of VIN.

Clinicians are reminded that you are ultimately responsible for the care of your patients. Any content that concerns treatment of your cases should be deemed recommendations by colleagues for you to consider in your case management decisions. Dosages should be confirmed prior to dispensing medications unfamiliar to you. To better understand the origins and logic behind these policies, and to discuss them with your colleagues, click here.

Images posted by VIN community members and displayed via VIN should not be considered of diagnostic quality and the ultimate interpretation of the images lies with the attending clinician. Suggestions, discussions and interpretation related to posted images are only that -- suggestions and recommendations which may be based upon less than diagnostic quality information.


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