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How to Complete a VSPN Application
December 11, 2012 (published) | August 20, 2015 (revised)
Charlotte Waack

To become a part of the VSPN community, you will first need to complete an application.

Monday-Friday the VSPN staff processes application numerous times a day, but on holidays and weekends there may be a slight delay. If you have put in an application and have not been welcomed or have not received a More Information Needed email, please email to inquire about your application. Because VSPN emails come from various VSPN email addresses that end with the email extension; many email programs automatically send our emails to spam or junk email. If you have submitted an application, please make sure to allow all email from any email address.

If you are a VSPN member, but it has been over two years since you have accessed VSPN, your membership may have been inactivated. You should complete a new application if this is the case.

VSPN membership is free to the individual - not the clinic.
Your membership is YOUR OWN; you should not share your username or password with anyone.

  • This is the VSPN main page where you can click the register button to complete an application. This page is located at
  • Once you are on this page, click the Apply for Membership button that is within the green column on the right side of the page.

  • This is the first page of the application.
  • Make sure to click the radio button (small circle button) for the VSPN application.
  • If you have started a VSPN application and you submitted your email address on an application, but did not complete the process, we may need to manually resolve that email address.
    You cannot re-apply until one of our staff does that manual procedure. You can email to check the email address.
  • If you were a previous member of VSPN and your email address is already in our system, you may not be able to continue with the application process. You can do the following:
    • Click on the Forgot Your Password orange link on the main VSPN page. You will need to know your username to utilize this feature.
    • Email if you have forgotten your username and we will send the information to you via email along with a link to change your password.
    • Monday-Friday from 8:00am ET to 7:00pm ET you can call the VSPN staff to check on the status of your application or membership record.

  • First, select a salutation.
  • Enter your legal first and last names. Applicants who only use initials in their name will be sent a more information needed email requesting a full first and last name. If you go by initials you can include that in parentheses following your first name (i.e. John (JJ) Smith). 
    **Credentialed technicians must use the legal name that is on your license. If you  take a CE course, your name on the certificate should match the name on your license. There are states that are very strict about this.

  • On the contact info page, complete the work information. Students should use their school name, address and phone number in this section.
  • School/clinic names should not be abbreviated. We may not know that SJC is San Juan College. The same goes for clinics, we would not know that SVC is Specialty Veterinary Clinic.
  • If you are a credentialed technician and not currently working, make sure you list your credentials on the next page.
  • Last on this page, enter your home address and phone number. Home information is not required, but especially for students, we should have an alternate method of contact.  
  • REMEMBER - VIN/VSPN does not share, sell, nor will give out any information to anyone without your expressed written permission!!

  • Select an occupation from the drop-down menu.
  • If your occupation is not listed, please try to choose an occupation title that closely reflects your position at the clinic. If you mark other, this will slow down the process as we will need to email and ask what your job title and duties are.  
  • Enter your education information in the "Schools I have attended" area.
  • If you are a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant student, this is REQUIRED information. Please type in your school name and expected month and year for graduation.

  • Remember, VSPN membership is to the individual, not the clinic.
  • Please do NOT share your login information with anyone.

  • If the username that you choose is already in use, you will see red text appear asking you to choose another username. Usernames are unique to each member.
  • Next you will need to enter a password. The password must be 6-20 characters long and can contain a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters. No spaces are allowed. Please choose a password that is unique and not one that is common such as "password123".
  • If your password does not meet the criteria, you will receive a red text message.
  • Enter the pasword a second time.
  • Click save to save this information.

  • This is the thank you page you will see once the application is submitted.
  • It can take up to 30 minutes for your application to come up on the VSPN staff's screens.
  • Monday-Friday we process applications periodically throughout the day.
  • Weekends and holidays you may see more of a lag-time before your application is processed.
  • If you have not heard from VSPN after 48 hours, please contact or call us.

VSPN Member Services:  
(800) 846-0028, ext. 791 or (530) 756-4881, ext. 791
or direct line to VIN/VSPN from the United Kingdom: 01452 226154
or direct line to VIN/VSPN from Australia: 02 6145 2357