EveryCat Health Foundation Grants (formerly Winn Foundation Grants)
November 1, 2004 (published) | May 30, 2013 (revised)

EveryCat Health Foundation

Proposals for research funding are accepted on an annual basis. Winn's board of directors selects projects for funding based on criteria that include scientific merit, value to feline health, clinical relevance, soundness of budget and humane treatment of any cats involved in research. Scientific consultants who assist in the proposal selection process are drawn from the veterinary community and include both clinicians and researchers.

Winn is greatly appreciative of our 2014 consultants:
Dr. Joe Hauptman (University of Missouri)
Dr. Shila Nordone (North Carolina State University)

Winn would also like to thank the 2014 grant reviewers:
Dr. Melissa Kennedy (University of Tennessee)
Dr. Susan Little (Bytown Cat Hospital)
Dr. Margie Scherk (CatINC.)
Dr. Vicki Thayer (Purrfect Practice PC)
Dr. Brian Holub (Countryside Veterinary Hospital and VetCor, Inc.)
Dr. Glenn Olah (Albuquerque Cat Clinic)

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