Techniques in Large Animal Surgery, Third Edition
Dean A. Hendrickson, DVM, MS, DACVS

Review by Kathy Lyon Star
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This book assumes that the reader has a basic education in anatomy and physiology and concentrates on procedures and technique. The procedures are shown step-by-step with excellent quality detailed drawings. The general direction is to field surgery where the patient and surgeon may not have the advantage of a formal hospital setting. The procedures concentrate on the major steps, leaving the details to the experience of the surgeon.

Some of the procedures presented here are tried and true techniques from leading large animal surgeons. The acknowledgments indicate that some of the techniques are refined or replaced from the previous editions. The anesthesia section has been updated, the instrumentation has likewise been evaluated, adding instruments where applicable and deleting instruments not currently in favor or no longer available. The section on instruments is substantial, including use and technique.

Publisher's Comments

"The step-by-step technique sections have been restructured to allow faster access to information, including objectives and lists of equipment needed for each procedure. In addition to general updates throughout, this edition features new sections on minimally invasive surgery, laser surgery, and laparotomy. Coverage includes surgical techniques for horses, cows, pigs, goats, and select exotic species."

Table of Contents

  1. Techniques in Large Animal Surgery; Presurgical Considerations
  2. Anesthesia and Fluid Therapy: Anesthesia; Fluid Therapy
  3. Surgical Instruments: Use of Surgical Instruments; Preparation of Instruments; General Surgical Instruments; Instruments Used Specifically in Large Animal Surgery
  4. Suture Materials and Needles: Suture Materials; Needles
  5. Knots and Ligatures: Principles of Knot Tying; Ligatures
  6. Suture Patterns: Basic Suture Patterns; Suture Patterns Used for Closure of Hollow Organs; Stent Bandages (Tie-Over Dressings); Suture Patterns for Severed Tendons
  7. Principles of Wound Management and the Use of Drains: Wound Management; Suturing Traumatic Wounds; Use of Drains
  8. Reconstructive Surgery of Wounds
  9. Equine Orthopedic Surgery: Medial Patellar Desmotomy; Cunean Tenectomy; Lateral Digital Extensor Tenotomy; Inferior (Distal) Check Ligament Desmotomy; Superior Check Ligament Desmotomy (After Bram lage); Superficial Digital Flexor Tenotomy; Deep Digital Flexor Tenotomy; Sectioning of the Palmar (or Plantar) Annular Ligament of the Fetlock; Palmer Digital Neurectomy; Amputation of the Splint (II and IV Metacarpal and Metatarsal) Bones; Arthrotomy of the Midcarpal Joint; Arthrotomy of the Fetlock Joint and Removal of an Apical Sesamoid Chip Fracture
  10. Equine Urogenital Surgery: Castration; Cryptorchidectomy by the Inguinal and Para-inguinal Approach Laparoscopic Cryptorchidectomy; Caslick’s Operation for Pneumovagina in the Mare; Urethroplasty by Caudal Relocation of the Transverse Fold; Cesarean Section in the Mare; Circumcision of the Penis (Reefing); Amputation of the Penis; Aanes’ Method of Repair of Third-Degree Perineal Laceration
  1. Surgery of the Equine Upper Respiratory Tract: Tracheostomy; Laryngotomy, Laryngeal Ventriculectomy, and Ventriculocordectomy; Partial Resection of the Soft Palate; Surgical Entry and Drainage of the Guttural Pouch
  2. Equine Dental and Gastrointestinal Surgery: Repulsion of Cheek Teeth; Ventral Midline Laparotomy and Abdominal Exploration; Standing Flank Laparotomy; Umbilical Herniorrhaphy in the Foal
  3. Bovine Gastrointestinal Surgery: Principles of Laparotomy; Flank Laparotomy and Abdominal Exploration; Rumenotomy ; Rumenostomy (Rumenal Fistulation); Surgical Corrections of Abomasal Displacements and Torsion
  4. Bovine Urogenital Surgery: Calf Castration; Urethrostomy; Hematoma Evacuation of the Bovine Penis; Preputial Amputation (Circumcision) in the Bull; Surgical Techniques for Teaser Bull Preparation; Inguinal Herniorrhaphy in the Mature Bull; Cesarean Section in the Cow; Retention Suturing of the Bovine Vulva (Buhner’s Method); Cervicopexy for Vaginal Prolapse (After Winkler)
  5. Miscellaneous Bovine Surgical Techniques: Digit Amputation; Eye Enucleation; Cosmetic Dehorning; Rib Resection and Pericardiotomy; Repair of Teat Lacerations
  6. Surgical Techniques in Swine: Castration of the Piglet; Inguinal Herniorrhaphy in the Piglet; Cesarean Section in the Sow
  7. Miscellaneous Surgical Techniques: Dehorning the Mature Goat; Tooth Removal in the Llama
  8. Index

Blackwell Publishing (Wiley Publishing) (2007).

8.5 x 11" format. 328 pages, 528 illustrations.

ISBN: 978-0-7817-8255-5.

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Date Published: May 13, 2008

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