Complications in Small Animal Surgery First Edition
Dominique Griffon, DVM, MS, PhD, DECVS, DACVS; Annick Hamaide, DVM, PhD, DECVS, (Eds)

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 There are 17 sections with like issues grouped together: Surgical Infections: Post-op Complications; Head and Neck Surgery; Dental and Oral Surgery; Thoracic Surgery: General Abdominal Surgery; Gastrointestinal Surgery; Urinary Tract Surgery: Surgery of the Reproductive Tract; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Neurologic Surgery; Fractures, Ostiotomies, Perioperative Complications; Orthopedic Salvage Procedures: Surgery of the Coxofemoral Joint; Stifle Surgery; Scapulohumeral Joint Surgery; Surgery of the Elbow.

Within each section are salient topics associated with the section title. First, and likely top of the list of surgeons’ fears, is the spectre of post surgical wound infections. An incision suspected of infection is opened for inspection and photographed. The author walks you through the appropriate steps in resolving the situation—diagnosis, treatment, selection of antimicrobials, outcome. Follow-up comes next as well as advice for prevention. Suggestions follow in each topic regarding success studies from relevant literature. A similar format follows each case with similar attention to detail.

Sepsis control is well described with drawings showing the route of infection. Drainage, lab findings, medical and surgical treatment are all suggested and methods explained. Tables assist in most cases.

Peritonitis is an important issue to consider, including that feared incident, the spontaneous rupture of a pus-distended uterus with pyometra. Diagnostic imaging, lavage, and risk factors are discussed. Surgical intervention and management are included. Peritonitis, drainage, treatment, outcome and prevention follow.

This brings you only part way through Section 1. In each topic, the methods for prevention are at the end of the topic. The authors are trusting that the clinician who has these cases to contend with will continue reading about how the problem could have been avoided. The thinking here may be that the veterinarian wants to get right to the resolution and speed up the repair process before he goes on to how the situation might have been avoided.

The book continues along the same lines throughout.—Definition, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, risk factors, outcome. Some have CT scans and three-dimensional views side by side. Endoscopic views also help the clinician visualize any possible problems that need to be addressed. Illustrations are used whenever needed.

Hopefully this is a book that the veterinary surgeon would not need too often, but it does make for educational reading. This review could have been longer, but aside from the individual surgical issues, the format of the subjects follows a specific format, repeated for each case, for 935 pages. Practically any surgical complication will be listed and a resolution suggested. Suffice it to say that there are hundreds of emergencies put together here with excellent photos and assists on how to resolve the problem. A good idea would be to go over the Table of Contents to get an idea of the scope of surgical complications included. The Wiley website will have a copy of the TOC. Every clinic should have this book for fast reference if only for those one or two post-surgical emergencies that must be tackled as soon as possible. This would be very useful for the Emergency Clinic who might get the 2:00AM case.

If one peruses the table of contents, you can see an important list of nightmare scenarios, how to repair them, and how they could have been prevented. Most are accompanied by color photos. Charts, table, and imaging views help to clarify the process of repair.

This is a book that should be in every practice. Certainly, it will save clients’ animals often enough to have warranted the purchase.

Published: Wiley Blackwell, Publishers. 949 pages, 88 contributors, Hard Cover, Color and B&W photos, Radiographs, Endoscopy, and CT images.

ISBN: 9780470959626

A website accompanies this book, including: videos, figures from the book, linked references.
Password to access the website is in the book.

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Date Published: July 1, 2016

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