Seizures in Dogs and Cats
Sean Sanders, DVM, PhD

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 In checking titles of books on seizures in dogs, most books commonly available to the general public were written by companies selling “natural” cures, dog trainers, children’s books, and one other by a veterinarian whose primary interest is on spirituality and healing.

In checking the references following each chapter, it is apparent that there are many papers published on this topic, with most of them involving a single topic or breed.

This book seems to be directed toward general information in its study of the process and treatment of seizures. The author states that this topic is by no means complete and is a work in progress. He fully expects subsequent updates as more studies are conducted and more treatments are offered.

The first chapter is the historical observations of the connections between man and animals. There is some supposition here as we really don’t know what ancient man thought about seizures in animals or even recognized them. The author does mention the first recorded instances of [what is thought to be] seizures in humans.

The second chapter is The Biology of Seizures. How they start, the neural pathways and the firing of pathways, and the route of various connections.

The third chapter is directed primarily toward epilepsy. It deals extensively with the physiology of a seizure, how the neurons fire (or not fire), and the biology of seizures. Seizures are graded and classified as to length, severity, and response to testing.

Client communication is next, guiding the practitioner through the process of extracting information, explaining about seizures, and avoiding losing the concentration or confidence of the client in the process. You are given information on how to explain the etiology of a seizure. You will be directed how to get the information necessary to determine the type of seizure and advise the client on home care and observation. Preparing a diary for the client covers such items as describing the seizure and any precipitating activity. Explaining procedures to the client while performing reflex testing will help the client better understand the exam. The exam for seizures will be different from the usual exam and this chapter will hold your hand and give you the skills to pull it off.

Establishing a diagnosis is contained in chapter 5. This is where collecting a relevant history is important. A history for a seizing patient is extensive and detailed. You would be well advised to prepare a separate history form for seizure patients, and you can put this together with the help of this chapter. There are three tables of presentation signs, for three age ranges of patients.

The diagnostics chapter is extensive, also containing illustrations of imaging films, EDG’s, and MRI images.

The medical management of seizures is likewise a substantial chapter (chapter 8) and discusses the why and when to treat. Medications, routes of administration as well as the physiological aspects of absorption and elimination are explained. This is followed by a chapter on anti-seizure medications. Each medication, its action, side effects, and monitoring is explained.

Chapter 9 is the emergency management of seizures, also a substantial chapter. Dealing with client anxiety is discussed as well as how to reassure the client and answer questions regarding possible lifelong treatment, expense, and possible euthanasia. The chapter is extremely useful as first time seizures are almost always emergencies. Flow charts and tables help guide the clinician through the basics. This is an important chapter and will be of immense help for both the client and the patient. There are useful sub-topics such as traumatic brain injury and emergency home therapy. This may be one of the areas where you will gain the most information.

Chapter 9 addresses alternative, integrative and complimentary therapies. There is some good information for the clinician who follows complimentary medicine or alternatively, for the clinician who does not. The author discusses acupuncture, herbal, essential oil, and plant-based therapies and also delves into potentially harmful treatments. There is a useful list of some of the commonly recommended herbs.

Advanced invasive therapies are included in chapter 10. There is information here that is relatively recent in seizure treatment. Some photos of brain surgery are included illustrating lesions.

A glossary of terms in included as well as clinical neurology forms for the neuro exam with examples pictured; a formulary of common anti-seizure medications.

Publisher: Wiley/Sons, 2015,  Paper covers, 325 pages. Some black and white illustrations.

ISBN: 9781118689745

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Date Published: November 25, 2015

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