Essentials of Veterinary Parasitology
Hany M. Elsheika & Naveed Ahmed Khan


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Essentials of Veterinary Parasitology is the first edition of this text edited by Elsheika and Khan. It has a total of eleven contributors, all listed along with their address and contact information at the beginning of the text; something that is attractive to those seeking further information. The text while being meant as an introductory text is quite a nice instructional resource for both veterinary students and veterinary technology students. Although it may be viewed as a little more involved than is necessary for students studying veterinary technology it is quite informative and educational for those wanting to go the extra mile in their education.

The book is divided into six sections as well as a glossary and index.The first section entitled Nature and Characteristics of Parasitism consists of three chapters and covers an introduction to parasitology, basic principles of parasite infection, and immune defenses as portrayed by hosts. The introductory chapter covers classification of parasites; the second chapter discusses the principles of parasitic infection, life cycles of the parasites as well as the transmission of parasite to host. The third chapter, covering immune defenses, addresses immunity types and responses.

The second through the fourth sections of the text specifically focus on diseases caused by certain parasites.

Section two takes on the helminthes, over the course of three chapters. Chapter four discusses major nematode infections, chapter five covers major cestode infections and chapter six addresses the major flukes. Each of the chapters break down the various infections based on etiology, epidemiology, life cycle, pathological findings, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment, control and public health implications. Examples of diseases covered through these three chapters include Ascariasis, canine hookworm infection, dirofilriasis, parasitic gastroenteritis, cestodes (dog, cat, ruminants and equine), dicrocoeliasis, fascioliasis, and paramphistomosis. Section three which consists entirely of chapter seven concentrates on diseases related to protozoa. It presents the same criteria as the previous section regarding the various diseases which protozoa can cause. Diseases discussed include but are not limited to acanthamoeba granulomatous encephalitis, babesiosis, blastocystosis, coccidiosis, equine protozoal myeloencephalitis, leishmaniasis and toxoplasmosis. Section four covers the arthropods and includes chapter eight tackling insects, chapter nine covering acarines and chapter ten tending to the tick borne diseases with a brief look at the biology and ecology of Ixodes ricinus as well as management and control of these parasites. Again the same criteria are set up for each of the organisms discussed as in the previous two sections.

Section five consists of two chapters and addresses diagnostic parasitology beginning with chapter eleven covering laboratory diagnosis including fecal preservation and exam, fecal egg counts and various methods used to quantify (i.e. sedimentation, and Baermannization). Also discussed is examination of blood and bodily fluids, skin scrapings, tissue biopsies, bronchoalveolar lavage and PCR. Chapter twelve continues through examination of pathology and the other areas in which infection might be detected such as post mortem exam and cerebrospinal fluid. Several diseases are discussed within this chapter such as equine protozoal myelitis, echinococcosis, oesophagostomosis, sarcoptic mange and spirocerosis.

Section six addresses principles of parasite control and encompasses three chapters; chapter thirteen which revolves around controlling parasites, chapter fourteen addresses use of anti-parasitic drugs and chapter fifteen covers anthelmintic resistance management.

Throughout this book, excellent pictures and diagrams are shown of various parasites from the microscopic perspective as well as gross examination of an animal. Pictures depict the effects observed to various internal organs on post mortem exam. Pictures are supplied of the actual parasite in addition to electron micrographs. Also, within the chapter addressing laboratory methods, sketches are given of a few of the methods in addition to protocols of the different procedures.

This text provides a good basis for parasitology study. It gives the reader/student great visuals and explanations of diseases encountered in large and small animal veterinary medicine. Although not as large as other recognized textbooks on this subject, it is very comprehensive, easy to read and follow. For identification purposes and test protocols, clinicians and their technicians will find this to be helpful addition to their library for comparative purposes. Students will love this book.

Published by Caister Academic Press, Norfolk, UK (2011)

221 pages, paper bound book, 8.5 X 11

ISBN 978-1-904455-79-0

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